Bridal Bliss: Joanne and Matt

Bridal Bliss: Joanne and Matt
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 01, 2010

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Joanne Canady and Matthew Brown first dated in 1999 and then stopped seeing each other for six years. Remembering how good they were together, they reunited in 2005 and vowed never to part again in a gorgeous garden ceremony at Pearl Buck Estate in Perkasie, PA in 2009. Share their love.

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Joanne and Matt tied the knot on September 26, 2009. Wanting to infuse the wedding with their own personalities, the bride designed their wedding invitations and added other D.I.Y. touches along the way.

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Joanne says she changed her hairdo at the last minute. Her stylist Princessa Bosch was such a pro, she made her side-swept bun happen on the fly.

Joanne’s makeup artist Danielle DiPaola made the bride look naturally radiant.

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“Matt has this amazing personality,” Joanne says. “No matter who I bring him around, people are just drawn to him.”

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Chartreuse green was the staple color for Joanne and Matt’s wedding. She tucked a little bit of it under her dress with these peep-toe sling-backs.

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Joanne found her elegant Pronovais, Style Diamante wedding gown at Bridal Garden in Marlton, New Jersey.

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“We let the bridesmaids choose any dress they liked in back,” Joanne explains, “to reflect their own individual style, comfort level and the lighthearted feel of the ceremony.”

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All the guys in the wedding wore their own black suits, accented with chartreuse green ties from Macy’s.

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The couple rented a 60-passenger megabus, fully loaded with TVs and WiFi to transport the wedding party and guests from their hotel to the wedding site.

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“Matt is so giving,” Joanne says of her guy. “When he was trying to get me to date him he would try to get our schedules at work linked so that he could give me a ride, just so I didn’t have to take the bus, even though he lived a block away.”

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“She came out and she turned around and I saw her hair and her dress and it was like looking at one of those vintage black and white pictures,” Matt says of seeing his bride all done up on their wedding day.

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Cuties Griffen Brown and Riley Brown announced the bride’s arrival with a banner and flower petals.

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In the absence of her father, who passed away in 2005, Joanne’s mother walked her beautiful daughter down the aisle.

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Joanne loves Matt’s father’s speaking voice. When it came time for the couple to choose a wedding officiant, Mr. Brown was the obvious choice.

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The laid back couple read their own unique vows. One of Joanne’s was, “I vow to let you practice your karate moves with me if you remember that I’m a girl and you don’t make it hurt or mess up my hair.” One of Matt’s vows was, “I vow to think about turning on the central air when it gets hot outside.”

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Matt and Joanne had a lot of fun during their wedding ceremony, maybe because they wrote their entire wedding themselves. Everyone laughed along with them.

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“When we had our first kiss, I was like, ‘Yes! This is ten years in the making,’” Joanne giggles.

“I thought, ‘Finally. You’re here. You’re mine. We’re together,’” Matt muses.

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Little Griffen flips over the banner to read “Just Married.”

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“Joanne made me feel very comfortable right from the beginning,” Matt remembers. “She made me open up easily.”

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Joanne also made the cocktail menu with the wedding theme of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

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Joanne’s girlfriend Danielle Jannelli did her girl a solid by making the cupcakes for the wedding. They had red velvet cake, chocolate hazelnut cake, carrot cake, and vanilla cake with vanilla icing.

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Joanne and Matt are an easy-going couple. They wanted all of their guests to feel at home at their wedding and offered them flip flops to change into.

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Joanne and Matt swayed to Sade’s timeless love song “By Your Side” as everyone looked on in awe.

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Joanne made this gorgeous ceiling decoration for the wedding reception herself.

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“He’s very loving and he’s not afraid to show his emotion,” Joanne gushes about her groom. “He likes to just do nice things just because.”

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Part of the D.I.Y. theme, Joanne and Matt created their own candy station that looked like a candy shop from back in the day.

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When Joanne told her mother that she and Matt split the first time, her mom said, “You just let the person for you walk out the door.”

When they went on a first date six years later, Joanne said, “I let him go once, I’m not doing it again.”

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Matt was born in Jamaica. The couple honored the Jamaican wedding gift tradition by giving each guest a slice of Matt’s Auntie Paula’s Jamaican rum cake.

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“I just found out two months ago that I’m pregnant. That was a surprise. Now we’re looking forward to growing our family,” Joanne tells us.

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“I always wanted to be a dad,” Matt says. “I’m just worried that if we have a little girl, I’ll spoil her.”

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