Bridal Bliss: Isis and Charles

Bridal Bliss: Isis and Charles
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 03, 2011

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New Jersey couple Isis and Charles got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2009 and one year later tied the knot at the Hyatt in Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, ensuring that they would always keep their spark for each other alive.

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For her wedding day, Isis kept her short hairstyle the way she always does — cute and classy.

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Isis’ makeup artist Ashanti Ortiz created her bridal beauty look and also touched up her bridesmaids.

“Everybody loved their makeup,” Isis remembers. “They kept talking about it.”

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Isis wore a simple birdcage style veil down the aisle.

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“I knew I wanted one shoulder strap,” Isis says of her wedding dress. “Working with brides in the past, I knew the strapless dresses fall down and they’re uncomfortable.”

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The attendant at Kay Bridal knew this Maggie Sottero gown was ‘the one’ before Isis even tried it on. She was right.

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Isis bought these Christian Louboutin shoes to go with her party outfit for the wedding reception. The bride had so much fun, however, that she never got a chance to change outfits and the shoes never got worn.

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During the wedding ceremony Charles began to choke up. He took a moment to compose himself and said, “God is good, y’all.” All the guests responded with a resounding, “All the time!”

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“I told Charlie, ’Don’t do anything inappropriate,’” Isis jokes of the couple’s first kiss as husband and wife.

“I kept it classy — a little long, but Classy,” Charles says.

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“She’s simply the nicest person I’ve ever met,” Charles says of Isis.

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“I’ve never met anyone who was so attentive, so nice and sweet and at the same time intelligent and independent,” Charles continues.

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“He’s a very giving person,” Isis says of her new husband. “He goes out of his way for me.”

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“I have a son and he’s great to him,” Isis gushes. “You just can’t imagine meeting somebody and having him be accepting of you and your child and having him love him and be a part of his life.”

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After the ceremony, everyone was ready to ring in the New Year with the newlyweds.

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A lush ball of red carnations sat on tables in the reception hall.

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The Hyatt at Penn’s Landing is on Philly’s harbor. Once the couple decided to tie the knot on New Year’s Eve, they knew that they wanted to do it there, where they could see the fireworks.

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Guests’ seating arrangements were noted on paper butterflies.

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What better way to commemorate your new marital status than with Luther Vandross’ timeless hit “Here and Now?”

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Charles looks at his new wife with a deep happiness. He got the girl of his dreams.

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“Music was huge at our wedding,” Isis, who was blown away by her wedding band, says.

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Isis surprised Charles with a groom’s cake shaped like a Pittsburgh Steelers helmet. Under that helmet was chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate fudge.

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“All of my groomsmen are Eagles fans,” Charles shares. “They were giving me thumbs down. It was one of the biggest surprises of the night.”

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The couple’s wedding cake featured a bottom layer of chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate peanut butter and a top layer of almond cake with cherry filling and crushed almonds.

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Isis and Charles thanked all of their wedding guests for witnessing their nuptials and kicked off the New Year’s Eve party right.

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Knowing that it would be a late night, the couple had an “‘Almost’ Midnight Brunch” at their reception for guests who needed more fuel.

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The menu featured brunch favorites, like yogurt with fruit and granola, french toast and more.

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“From the moment we walked into the room until we left we just danced,” Isis says.

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One of the most memorable moments of the night — wedding guests formed a conga line and paraded around the reception hall.

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Guests boogied down to the sounds of the live band well into the New Year.

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All partied out Isis and Charles retired to their newlywed suite.

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“We’re looking forward to finding our perfect house together and just being married,” Isis says.

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“I’m looking forward to having our first child together,” Charles sighs sweetly.

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