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Holly prayed to God that the next man she dated would be her husband, and He granted her wish. A church member introduced her to Ryan and they hit it off famously. See their grand estate wedding and share their love!

Charli Penn Oct, 02, 2013

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“When Ryan proposed, I was too excited and so thankful to finally see that all the prayers, worrying, time and energy that we’ve endured over the last couple of years had finally come to pass,” says Holly. “It was magical!”

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When it came time to shop for a wedding gown, Holly knew exactly what she wanted. “I only went dress shopping twice,” she tells us. “The dress I chose for my ceremony spoke to the theme we wanted for the wedding.” She decided on this lovely Lazaro gown that she scored at a trunk show.

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Holly chose crystal and diamond encrusted earrings to complement her wedding gown. We’re in love!

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Holly's friends and family catered to her every need on the special day. Honestly, she says the attention was a little overwhelming for her, but the joy of the day provided the perfect distraction.

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"I knew Ryan was the one when both of my Spiritual Moms talked to me about him," says Holly. "One of them talked to me on Thanksgiving in her home; somehow it was just she and I in her dining room. She began to tell me she'd seen a change in him since we started dating. She said to be patient and 'God will work that thing on out.' Well, she was right! Somehow God really did work it all out."

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Holly likes diamonds and all things that sparkle. Even her bridal shoes gave her wedding rings a little friendly competition in the shine department. How gorgeous!?

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Holly's three-year-old niece, Morgan Bailey Jenkins, and Ryan's little cousin Ryan Lenoir were the flowers girls in the wedding party. "Morgan and I share a lot of personality traits and that is why she is so special to me," says the bride. "She is my mini me. And, Ryan Lenoir is such a sweetheart. She comes up to Ryan and I every Sunday at church and gives us hugs and kisses. Our Sunday would not be complete without her."

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"In my bouquet I used different shades of purple roses, mini calla lilies, lisianthus, and fresh lavender," Holly tells us. "Lavender is my favorite sent!"

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Holly was a vision of beauty on her wedding day, and when Ryan first laid eyes on her, she took his breath away.

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"I said yes because I knew Ryan truly loved me for who I was in my past, who I am currently and who I will be in the future," Holly shares. "He loves me despite my imperfections. The love we have for each other is truly similar to the love that Jesus has for the church. It's a love that is truly unconditional. That is all anyone wants in life, someone to love them through their ups and downs and the ins and outs of life." 

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"I absolutely love Holly’s smile," says Ryan. "Her smile is the joy of my day. Whenever I see that smile I know everything is okay. During the time of our engagement, there were times she got stressed about the planning and I had to remind her to just smile."

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Don't Holly's bridesmaids look stunning in their Alfred Sung gowns? "I knew I wanted the dresses to be a purplish color," she says. "We chose magenta, as the guys' tie was magenta based. We loved the sophistication of the dress, so we chose it."

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We recommend all brides let loose and have as much fun on their wedding day as Holly did. Um, is there a "like 100 times" button for this picture.

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“Honestly, it was really cool to be a groom,” says Ryan. “I was surrounded with some of my closest friends as the groomsmen. I have shared at least 15-plus years of friendship with each of them. Before the wedding, we were just laughing and having a good time. My best man was there for me the entire time, checking on me and even praying for me before we went out.”

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On their wedding day, Holly and Ryan were surrounded by their closest friends, and the love really shined through in their portraits.

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“Never in a million years would I have thought I would ever find love when I did,” says the dapper groom. “I was not looking for it. I repeat, I was not looking for love at all. I had been single for some years and I enjoyed my life. I never thought I would be with a girl like Holly. She is completely different than any other girl I have ever dated.”

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“We chose Longview Mansion because it embodied everything we wanted our wedding day to be–timeless and romantic,” Holly explains. “The mansion has so much character, just as we do as a couple. We also wanted a venue where we could host the wedding and reception in the same place so people would not have to travel all over town.”

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“Ryan and I did the planning,” says Holly. “Everyone could not believe that Ryan was so involved because most people are used to grooms not being into the wedding details. It was really special because it showed us how to work together, and is truly indicative of our journey as husband and wife. We did have help executing our plans the day of the wedding, because neither one of us wanted to be bogged down with the details of the day.”

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“I had originally wanted to get married in our Apostle and Pastor’s office with a few family and friends around,” says Holly. “I wanted something super private and intimate. That did not work because we both knew so many friends and family that we wanted to be a part of our day. The vision changed. When we decided to have a bigger wedding I had envisioned a vintage, classic and romantic detail-oriented wedding. I love the classic look of ivory and black. I had to include purple, because purple is my favorite color. I wanted a wedding that was timeless. Indeed, that is what we got.”

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Three hundred of Ryan and Holly’s loved ones and friends came to Longview Mansion to watch them begin a new chapter in their lives.

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The couple had a non-traditional outdoor ceremony. Holly walked down the aisle to Babyface’s “Every Time I Close My Eyes” with her brother and father. “Many people thought we would have had our ceremony at our church, because our faith is a huge part of who we are as individuals and as a couple,” she explains. “However, the Spirit of God was definitely in the atmosphere—God transcends time and places. He is everywhere.”

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“I cried when Ryan was praying for our marriage after we performed the cord of three-strand ceremony,” says Holly, who says the moment at the altar was surreal. “I felt extremely covered, and I realized, wow this man really loves me. I will never forget it. Actually, when I get upset with Ryan, God always takes me back to that moment.” Ryan was blown away, too. “At that moment, all of the things we had gone through during the engagement were all worth it,” he says. “To see her looking as beautiful as she did, I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

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During their ceremony, Ryan prayed aloud for their marriage and their future and the couple even included a praise break. Their ceremony was dedicated to their dearly passed grandparents.

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After they began dating, Ryan and Holly learned that they grew up around the corner from each other but had never met. “I had hope that I would find true love one day, but never like this,” she exclaims. “I really was not thinking about marriage. I knew eventually I would like too, but just did not know how soon, where or when. I definitely did not think that it would have happened in such a short time. But when you know, you know.”

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“Holly is the yang to my ying!” says Ryan. “We are opposites, but our common traits have allowed us to share a different perspective of the world with each other. Holly is the definition of a God-fearing woman because she carries Christ with her everywhere she goes. She has a smile and a personality that will light up a room and Holly is a very intelligent woman.”

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“The wedding cakes were made by the two sweetest ladies in the world—Mary and Rhonda, the owners of Covenant Cakes,” Holly tells us. “We chose a three-tier vanilla, chocolate and pink champagne cake. The little details on the cake were tiny bubbles and it had one flower decoration with pearls. It was beautiful and it fit the décor because the cake design was also timeless.”

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Dana Nigro at Village by the Gardens created the couple’s romantic reception décor. She used footed candleholders with floating candles and silk floras submerged inside.  Votive candles and lavender scented rose petals completed the centerpiece look.

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Ryan took his new bride out onto the dance floor to sway to the sounds of Hi-Five’s “Unconditional Love” during their romantic first dance.

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“On the alternating tables, the couple used the mansion’s candelabras with scattered scented rose petals to decorate. Purple lighting throughout the pavilion really made the reception intimate and romantic.

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"We had a vintage, classic and romantic wedding,” says Holly who didn’t skip a single detail when she planned their décor. Framed memories from the couple’s courtship were proudly placed on display.

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“In addition to our wedding cake, I surprised Ryan with a groom’s cake replica of his college football jersey,” Holly shares.

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More sweet treats, anyone? There was no shortage of delicous snacks for Ryan and Holly's guests.

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Ryan and Holly really know how to party. They hired an R&B band to perform during their cocktail hour and for their reception party they enlisted the skills of Kansas City’s DJ Q to keep the party going.

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The newlyweds honeymooned in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. “It was fantastic!” says the bride. Did you enjoy Ryan and Holly’s wedding day as much as we did? Tell us your favorite details below and leave them a little comment love. Want to see your wedding featured in Bridal Bliss? Email us now!


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