Bridal Bliss: Gwen and Endion

Bridal Bliss: Gwen and Endion
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 12, 2011

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Gwen and Endion Williams met on popular dating site and realized they had both found a great catch. They tied the knot in an enchanting garden wedding on July 11, 2010. Share their love.

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Gwen had her hair swept into a big bun on her right side by Marengo Luxury Spa. Ashleigh Albertson of M.A.C. cosmetics completed her bridal beauty look.

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The bride found her strapless, princess-style Sophia Tolli gown at Catan Bridal boutique in Strongsville, Ohio.

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Lace detail on the bodice and corset lacing in the back added a touch of romance to Gwen’s gown.

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Gwen’s found her gray Bari Jay bridesmaids gowns at Catan Bridal. The simple tone works well with their bright and colorful bouquets.

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Gwen and Endion decided to tie the knot in Cleveland Cultural Gardens’ Italian Garden, with a gorgeous stone masonry wall and water fountain in the background.

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“I didn’t think I was going to cry, but when we started walking down the aisle, I started to tear up,” Gwen reveals.

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“I didn’t think she could get any prettier,” Endion gushes of his bride on their wedding day. “It was like seeing her all over again.”

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Gwen and Endion read traditional vows before exchanging rings.

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“The kiss was nice,” Endion remembers. “I think we extended it a little. It was like we were the only people there.”

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“I just remember feeling like this is official,” Gwen says. “That was the most magical moment of the day.”

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“Gwen is amazing,” Endion says of his wife. “My opinion actually matters to her and in past relationships it really wasn’t like that.”

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“I love that he’s so much like me,” Gwen laughs. “I know how he’s going to react to something because it’s how I would react to something. We have the same buttons.”

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“I couldn’t ask for a better husband,” Gwen sighs sweetly. “he’s so supportive of everything I want to do.”

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Endion loves that Gwen fits in anywhere. “Her personality is phenomenal. We can go to an office party or out with my friends or to a five-star restaurant and there’s never any airs with her.”

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“I keep a picture of my dad and I doing the father-daughter dance on my mantle and in my wallet,” Gwen says. “It was a really special moment.”

The two danced to “I Loved Her First,” by Heartland.

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Gwen and Endion held each other close and danced to “I Knew I Loved You,” by Savage Garden for their first dance as husband and wife.

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Endion held his new wife as tightly as he could, relishing in their new marital status.

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The couple’s reception venue, The Manor, created their three-tiered french vanilla cake with vanilla creme frosting.

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The cake topper featured a bride fishing for her groom — a reference to, where the couple first met.

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Just before their big day, Gwen and Endion received good news that they would have a baby. Their son Caiden Williams was born on January 4, 2011. “She’s such a great mother to our son,” Endion says of Gwen.

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“My parents have been married for 45 years,” Gwen tells us. “I’m definitely looking forward to when we hit that mark. We’re looking forward to making that happen.”

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“I come from a big family,” Endion reveals. “I would love to see our family grow in the future.”


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