Bridal Bliss: Elizabeth and Joseph

Bridal Bliss: Elizabeth and Joseph
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 09, 2011

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Liz and Joe chose a blissful seaside location on Miami’s shores to make their union official.

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Liz’s son gave Joe his approval to marry his mom. Doesn’t he look happy he did?

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Even Joe got in on the festive colors spread throughout their wedding day. We adore this boutonniere style.

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We’re head over heels over in love with Liz’s unique bouquet style. Those pretty pink flowers are totally unforgettable.

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Liz was so in love with this gown when she found it, that she bought it even though it was a size too small. She vowed to lose the weight to fit it perfectly on her special day.

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Liz’s buttoned back mermaid gown was a real scene stealer.

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Liz strikes a pretty pose in the mirror as she waits for her ceremony to start.

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Liz’s bridesmaids wore different style dresses in different colors. We love the look!

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After taking their vows in front of friends and family Liz and Joe make their way back down the aisle as husband and wife.

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Liz and Joe seal the deal at the altar.

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We’re obsessed with the lace trim on Liz’s lovely veil.

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How fabulous is this reception decor? We love the mix of Chinese lanterns and spring colors.

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Don’t you just love their DIY seating card style? The pretty purple florals really make it pop.

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The couple’s monogrammed square cake style is fantastic. Don’t you want a piece?

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Guests were able to write little messages for the happy couple and place them in their love box, shown here.

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Joe takes his new wife for a spin on the dance floor.

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The new family of three walk off into the sunset on their very special day.

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The newlyweds are all smiles after finally having their dream wedding day. For more lovely photos from Liz and Joe’s wedding day visit our partner Photography by Stay Forever Photography.

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# Weddings