Bridal Bliss: Demi and Ife's Georgia Wedding Photos

Demi and Ife met in college in Nigeria and knew right away that they were blessed with a unique and lasting love. Today they’re best friends, confidants and husband and wife. See their romantic “I dos!”

Charli Penn Oct, 01, 2014

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“I knew Ife was the one from the very first day I met him,” Demi confesses of her college-sweetheart-turned-husband. “I had met a lot of guys before him, but with him, it was just different. I heard about him from a close friend and when we met I found out more about his ideals, what drives him, and that we had a lot of common ground. I knew then that we would make a perfect match.” Her instincts were spot on!

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“Being a bride was as perfect as I dreamed it would be,” says Demi. “Planning the little details to the final execution was just as exciting as dreaming about it. I would admit that it was stressful along the way, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.”

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“My bouquet consisted a stunning petite and round floral composition of ivory hydrangeas, cream vendela roses, white lisianthus, snowy jewel princess roses and white freesia fashionably wrapped with an ivory French ribbon to complement my gown,” says Demi.

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“My husband is a God fearing gentleman,” says Demi. “He is patient, funny and goofy at times and also very intelligent, driven and passionate. I couldn’t have wished for a better husband.”

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Happy bride Demi made sure she said "I do" twice on the big day. Once beneath her feet and once again at the altar. So sweet!

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Demi and Ife had a large bridal party on the big day. There were fourteen friends and family members by their side to be exact.

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“To me almost every dress was beautiful and gorgeous, you just need to decide on which one,” says Demi of her bridal dress shopping mission. “When I needed to find my dress, I went to the bridal store alone so I would not be unduly influenced by my friends’ opinions and spend forever trying to find a dress. I found my dress at the first store I went to and by the time I had tried on the second gown in the store myself, I knew I had found The One and my decision was made.”

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The groom was responsible for choosing the looks for himself and his groomsmen. “All I wanted was for them to look amazing which they did,” says Demi. “My husband also ordered the ties, all I did was make sure they matched the bridesmaid dresses.”

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“I actually wasn’t expecting to find true love when I met him,” says Demi. “I guess love just happened to find me. When I met him, it felt like I had known him all my life; it just felt right.”

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“While we were planning the wedding, my fiancé was on a work assignment in Germany so I took up practically all the responsibilities, joyfully of course,” says Demi.

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Demi and her girls didn't miss a chance to have fun during their portrait shoot. Their joy jumps off the page.

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“I had initially wanted a wedding planner so I could relax and feel like a princess bride, but my husband motivated me to take on this challenge based on my exceptional planning skills, which he praised time and time again so I decided to take this on full throttle,” says Demi. “In retrospect, I think he just used his project management skills on me and helped us save money we might have spent on a wedding planner.”

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“I love his genuine love and devotion to God and calm demeanor when I am flustered,” says the bride. “He is generally unperturbed in the middle of chaos and the gentleness with which he treats me.”

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“What I love most about her is her intelligence,” Ife. “She is one very smart cookie; I couldn’t ask for more.”

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“He is the perfect gentleman,” says Demi. “My very own knight in shining armor.”

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“Demi is very practical, candid and realistic,” says Ife. “She genuinely cares and loves sacrificially. She’s almost always right about everything so I take her opinions and suggestions very seriously. It’s cliché, I know, but she’s a real God-send.”

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“My wedding stick on shoe accessory was my something blue, my custom-made belt was made out of old classic satin and lace and my gown was my something new,” says Demi. “I don’t believe I had something borrowed.” That’s okay, you looked perfect just the same.

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Demi's trumpet gown was a great choice to flatter her figure and keep things classic and chic. She looked absolutely lovely!

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A beautiful portrait of the bride-to-be in a moment of reflection before her big moment at the altar.

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They couple chose to play “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”, a Christian hymn written by the 18th century pastor and hymnist Robert Robinson, as Demi and her father marched down the aisle.

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All eyes were on the bride as she marched down the aisle. She was queen for a day to them and for a lifetime to Ife.

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Demi's gown was stunning from front-to-back. Don't you agree?

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The bride and groom wore matching smiles at the altar. Aww!

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The bride’s home church pastor, Pastor Fred Pitts officiated the ceremony.

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“Our parents participated in the ceremony by lighting separate candles, and later, we lit a single unity candle and blew out the separate candles,” says Demi. “We also read bible passages coordinated by our pastor.”

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“Looking into his eyes at the altar it felt surreal,” says Demi. “I could not believe that we were actually getting married. I felt like I was experiencing my wedding and not actually in it until it was over and I saw the videos.”

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Say hello to the new Mr. and Mrs!

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The bride and groom rode out in style after making it official.

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“Neither of us cried at the altar,” Demi recalls. “I think we were too excited and after a while could not wait to retreat to spend some time together in peace and tranquility.”

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After their ceremony, Demi and Ife hosted a cocktail hour for their guests followed by an elegant sit-down reception.

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Demi and Ife swayed to CeCe Winans’ “I Promise” for their first dance as husband and wife.

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Demi and Ife chose this four-tiered beauty to serve for dessert. Yummy!

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Elegant centerpiece candles kept things romantic at the couple's reception party.

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There were lots of people there to witness Demi and Ife make it official. “We had close to a 100 guests at the church ceremony and a little over 300 guests at the wedding reception,” the bride tells us.

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The newlyweds just couldn't keep their hands off each other that night. The moment was perfect!

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Outfit swap! We love it when a couple honors their cultural heritage on their wedding day. Cheers to the bride and groom.

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