Bridal Bliss: Cheryl and Judson's Romantic Chateau Wedding

Cheryl and Judson were right under each other’s noses for most of their lives, but it took them over 20 years to actually meet. (They fell in love on the dance floor at a friend’s party.) Share their love!

Charli Penn Jan, 06, 2016

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Cheryl and Judson were right under each other’s noses for most of their lives, but it took them over 20 years to actually meet. (They fell in love on the dance floor at a friend’s party.) Share their love!

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“My veil was my mother’s veil which no one cosigned,” says Cheryl. “No one believed it would look as good as it did. But I had always wanted to wear it and was determined to make it happen. I got it cleaned and had some Swarovski crystals added.”

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Cheryl's brother in law and their best man recently passed away and they're forever thankful for precious moments, like this one, with him.

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Cheryl found her gown at famous bridal shop Kleinfield's in New York City.

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Cheryl chose two gowns for her big day.

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“She is a well rounded woman and a great friend to have,” says Judson. “She can do everything I can do. She’s athletic, she can drink, she can party, she can hang with the best of them but she is still a lady. I love that about her. She is very thoughtful and loving. She goes out of her way to make our home comfortable. She has always supported me in my professional and personal aspirations. She is fun to be around and I love having her as my wife and friend.”

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The groom wore dappe navy digs on his weddin day. We love his taste.

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Judson and his groomsmen were definitely dressed to impress on the big day.

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The newlyweds and their bridal party didn't miss a chance to pose for the best photos every chance they had.

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Cheryl and Judson made sure to make time for a romantic "first look" on their wedding day.

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Don't you just love the way these two look at each other? We do!

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“She makes life easy. She’s easy to talk to,” says Judson. “At the end of the day, I can talk to her about my day. She is a great listener. She is very reasonable and fair.”

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“My bridesmaids were almost every shade of brown and I wanted to choose a color that complemented everyone and dress style that would complement all of their figures,” says Cheryl. “With such a soft delicate color for the ladies, we wanted to move away from the harsh and common black and went with grey. Everything else stemmed from that color palate.”

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A teder kiss for a sweet couple. #Aww

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“The wedding day was perfect,” the groom shares.

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Aww. He's too cute. We can't take it. Can we please squeeze those cheeks?

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Even Judson's daughter was emotiona on the magical day when the couple exchanged sweet vows at the altar.

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For Cheryl’s bridal march, the couple had a live jazz band who played a jazz arrangement of “Here Comes the Bride.” Her father walked her down the aisle. “I was so happy to have him by my side,” says Cheryl. “When everyone walked out and it was just him and I waiting to walk out, he squeezed my hand and I took a deep breath and exhaled audibly. He laughed at me but it was the perfect ice breaker. He was so proud in that moment, walking his baby down the aisle. It meant so much to me for my Dad to take my hand and place it into Judson’s hand.”

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“The location for the ceremony was outdoors in a glamorous south beach styled setting at sunset draped with flowers and greenery,” Cheryl tells us. “It was very romantic.”

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"After that, we both prepared our own vows," Cheryl tells us. "We wanted to truly unite our nucleus and so, presented Judson’s daughter with a necklace with a circle pendent to represent infinite love like our wedding bands.”

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"The biggest moment was when we shared our personal vows," Cheryl recalls. "It was all water works. Lots of people, even men, said they couldn’t hold back the tears. The room was full of love. Mission accomplished."

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"We opened with the pouring of the libation and calling the names of our ancestors passed,” says Cheryl. “The traditional service was followed by us pouring Unity sand into one vessel," says Cheryl.

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Of course Cheryl and Judson jumped the broom in style.

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“She lifts me up,” says Judson. “I always wanted a strong nucleus for my daughter and Cheryl completes our home.”

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This one belongs in a frame. It's absolutely picture perfect.

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“I trusted the Lord would make a way,” Cheryl tells us. “I can say I didn’t think it was Judson because he was so close to home being a family friend. I still cant believe it sometimes.” And, her new husband agrees. “I did not think I would date and marry one of my boy’s little sister,” he says. “That was the last place I thought I would find love. I was in denial for a long time although the writing was on the wall.”

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“I couldn’t imagine God getting closer to perfection than this,” Cheryl tells us. “We have everything in common. And, when we disagree, which is seldom, we reason and come to an agreed conclusion. He is supportive. He allows me to be myself which encourages me to be my best self. He is easy to love and makes life peaceful and balanced. He loves me and he loves God.”

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“Cheryl comes from a very loving family,” says Judson. “She is very family oriented. Her parents have been married over 42 years and about 90-percent of her family are in long successful marriages. She is extremely loving, nurturing and caring. She has a strong spiritual foundation, is very supportive and usually has a positive outlook in life."

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The couple's reception was the party of the year for their friend's and family.

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On his wedding day, Judson was overwhelmed with joy to officially become Cheryl’s husband and to make her his wife. “She looked absolutely beautiful,” he says. “I was thinking she is going to be my wife. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. The way she looked at me made me feel loved.”

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The couple had a custom gobo light with their monogram light up the dance floor in preparation for their romantic first dance.

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“We went to a local florist who was familiar with our venue,” says Cheryl of their choice to let Marine Florists in Flatbush plan their wedding blooms. “He convinced us that our venue was beautiful on its own and we didn’t need to go overboard with the arrangements.”

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The couple's spectacular first dance photos instantly took our breath away. They danced to "I Can't Stop Loving You" by Kem.

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“He is a true gentleman,” says Cheryl. “He is thoughtful, selfless and generous. He is stylish and fine! He is an awesome son to his mother which has always been a sign of a good man to me. He is very lovely and caring. Everyone usually loves him, especially children, another sign. He’s fun to be around even at the worst times.”

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“We also had party favors to get everyone in a party mood,” says the bride. “The favors included sunglasses, glow sticks and cloths to wave.”

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“I have a daughter and I was always nervous about finding a woman that would be perfect for me but more importantly perfect for my daughter,” says Cheryl. “They both get along very well and my daughter loves her. That was the first sign.”

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Cheryl and Judson were surrounded by brotherly and sisterly love on their big day. Go team!

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Cheryl and Judson couldn't stop smiling the night away. They say their wedding day was everything they could have dreamed of, and more.

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A live performance for the bride and groom.

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“The DJ set included uplighting, strobe lights and fog with large screen televisions, the venue also had uplighting,” says Cheryl. “We added the centerpieces. We had a photo booth so guests could take wacky pictures and videos.”

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“Our theme was ‘LIVE LAUGH LOVE and Jump Up’,” says the bride.

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The couple couldn’t pick just one wedding cake, so they had two.

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“I had mediated and prayed for specific man. God told me I would have to work for him,” says Cheryl. “As much as I tried to deny it, as time passed I realized Judson was everything I prayed for and just as God said I had to reflect on myself and become vulnerable in order to receive him. Just when my ego began to flare, I saw a TED program and the woman spoke about being vulnerable and that while it has a negative connotation it is a way to move passed your fears. God was speaking, and he was saying, ‘This is The One, girlfriend! Don’t blow it!’”

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Cheers to Cheryl and Judson on their happily every after. Want to see your wedding featured in Bridal Bliss? Email us now!


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