Bridal Bliss: Cassandra and Marlon

Cassandra’s co-workers convinced her to join, despite her skepticism. Three weeks later, she received a message from her future husband, Marlon. The rest, as they say, is history.

Charli Penn Jul, 24, 2013

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“Whenever Marlon wasn’t around me, I immediately began to miss him,” says bride Cassandra. “That’s when I knew he was the one. I also knew it when I saw how he interacted with my teenage kids. He always took the time to make sure that I was okay and the kids were too.” Their evening Atlanta wedding was modern, elegant and oh-so-romantic. Share their love!

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Cassandra wore a Kenneth Winston wedding gown on her big day. “I took my mother, daughter, sister and a couple of girlfriends with me to the bridal shop and we made it a play date,” she recalls.

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Cassandra chose open-toe silver shoes to complement her stunning ballgown.

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"Every time we're together we thoroughly enjoy each other's company," says Marlon. Cassandra was so excited to say "I do" that she even used the famous vow to decorate the bottoms of her wedding shoes.

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After trying on four different wedding gowns, Cassandra found the one she'd always dreamed about. "Once I looked at myself in the mirror, it sent a warm feeling all over me," she recalls.

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Cassandra called on Scoobie of Scoobie West, Hair & Makeup to create a wedding day glow to remember. "He was awesome," she boasts.

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For any bride looking to be comortable and cute on her wedding day, sometimes a shoe change is in order. Cassandra had these custom blue Converse kicks handy to slip into when it was picture-taking and dancing time.

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The team at Edge Design Group in Atlanta was responsible for creating fabulous florals for the couple's wedding day. They decorated a lush bunch of David Austin roses with beautiful brooches made from black crystals. It was a lovely combination.

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Cassandra and her girls posed in the lobby for their fabulous photo shoot.

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"Marlon has a sweet spirit and big heart and I married him because I know he will love me unconditionally," says Cassandra. "The way he caters to my soul made me realize that he was the one God made just for me."

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The ladies' lovely black evening gowns were designed by Angelina Faccenda. "I decided on the style because I wanted them to look soft and regal," says Cassandra. "I chose the color black because it's both elegant and classy."

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"Being a bride was an instant feeling of joy," says Cassandra. "I was so overwhelmed with excitement and happiness."

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Marlon found his dapper digs at a local boutique with a little help from their wedding planner, Brian Green of F&G Weddings. "He was amazing," says Cassandra. "We suggest everyone hire them. Brian took care of everything!"

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Cassandra donned a diamond bracelet, matching earrings and a hairstyle she knew she could trust on her wedding day. "Scoobie and I did a trial run back in January," she explains. "I wanted something soft, but sexy, that would be versatile from the ceremony to the reception."

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"I knew I would find true love," says Cassandra. "I just never knew where or when. I found it the day Marlon found me."

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"Cassandra loves the city lights, so once we visited Ventanas and admired the panoramic views of downtown Atlanta, we both collectively knew that this was the place where wanted to get married," Marlon tells us. For her big entrance, the bride made her way down a grand staircase. We love this venue!

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"What I love most about Cassandra is her caring heart," says the happy groom. "She truly cares about how I feel and what makes me happy, and she is a genuine person who is honest and loves to laugh and smile all the time."

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Cassandra had the pleasure of both her father and her stepfather's company on the way down the aisle. "I wanted them both to walk me down because they raised me, guided and me and have always loved me," she says. "By doing this, it made me feel like my fathers were confirming that they trusted the man they were giving me away to."

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Cassandra's bridesmaids carried lovely bouquets of black and white anemones – a favorite with modern brides.

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Cassandra and Marlon were surrounded by panoramic views of the Atlanta skyline as they said "I do" in a romantic evening ceremony.

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"As she came down the stairs and when she finally got to the altar, I was thinking, wow, she is so beautiful, and she is mine," says Marlon.

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"The feeling that I felt looking into his big brown eyes at the altar was everything," says Cassandra. "I felt like I was dreaming. I felt safe. I felt calm and complete."

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Cassandra and Marlon sealed the deal with a romantic kiss. "The man I married is fun-loving, honest, and loves his family with a gentle soul," says the bride.

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Cassandra and Marlon were all smiles after their officiant pronounced them husband and wife.

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After the ceremony, Cassandra and Marlon got a little more comfortable as they posed for romantic rooftop portraits before the reception party began.

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"I knew I didn't want to continue through life without Cassandra by my side," admits Marlon.

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"We planned the wedding together and it was so exciting," explains Cassandra. "Marlon helped with alot of the details. We picked out the food, venue and honeymoon destination together too."

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We just can't get enough of Cassandra and Marlon's romantic rooftop portraits. "I knew without a doubt that Marlon would be the best husband for me," says the beaming new bride.

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"The reception decor was magical," says Cassandra. "We paired black chiavari chairs with teal linens and silver chargers. The entire room was filled with candlelight for a warm glow."

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"Some tables had tall floral arrangements in milk white vases with a large hydrangea puff," Cassandra explains. "Others had low and lush florals close to the base."

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The happy couple rocked out to a 2 Chainz song as they danced their way into their reception party.

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Cassandra asked her planner and cake baker to create a wedding cake inspired by Audrey Hepburn's classic black and white hat. (We'd say this was a true success.)

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The newlyweds chose Justin Timberlake's "Until The End of Time" for their first dance jam. They glided over a custom monogrammed dance floor too. #classy

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Their modern cake was so beautiful, we don't know how they were able to cut into it. What a sweet treat!

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"We had the best deejay ever," says Cassandra. "His name is DJ Tron. The dance floor was filled all night long. He was on point from the beginning until we left the building."

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Ladies, please join us in congratulating the newlyweds by leaving them a little comment love below. Do you want to see your wedding featured in Bridal Bliss next? Email us now!


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