Bridal Bliss: Ashley and Michael's Atlanta Wedding Photos

Facebook played matchmaker for newlyweds Ashley and Michael. She was moved by his words; he was moved by her beauty and heart. You’re going to love this couple!

Charli Penn Dec, 09, 2015

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“When I first saw her, I kept telling her how beautiful I thought she was,” says proud groom Michael of his lovely bride Ashley. “I already knew how beautiful her heart was, but to finally see her in person was breathtaking.”

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“I wore my hair in a low bun,” Ashley recalls. “I found that style on Pinterest. The lovely ladies from The Barber Doll House located in Atlanta did my hair and makeup.”

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“Michael is selfless,” says his lovely wife. “He loves people and God. He serves unselfishly and is a faithful leader. He laughs to put a smile on others face and is kind to everyone he meets. He is a man of his word and he speaks with conviction.”

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Did we mention we just loved their color palette? The bride and groom hired wedding planner Sandra Sutton of The Bridal Lounge and her expert team to coordinate and execute every single awesome detail.

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Ashley was surrounded by love and support on her big day.

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“My dress designer was Mori Lee,” says Ashley. “It wasn’t difficult at all.  I found my dress at a boutique in New Orleans. It was the first store I went to and the second dress I tried on. I left and searched other places, but ultimately came back to that place.”

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Ashley and her stepdad shared an emotional pre-ceremony moment.

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"She's a woman with a world of vision and I can't wait to see what God does in her life now and in the future," Michael proudly exclaims.

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The bride’s bouquet was a hand tied nosegay of large faced roses, hydrangea, dahlias, spray roses, dusty miller, calla lilies, and freesia tied with an ivory satin ribbon. The stems of the bouquet were tied with the same ribbon and studded with pearls. The orange, raspberry, gray, and hot pink colors complemented Ashley’s theme beautifully.

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“I always knew that God had someone special for me,” says Ashley. “I didn’t meet my husband until I was 26, but up until that point, I was in broken relationships. I believed in love. I believe in Godly love—a sacred love that would be perfect for me no matter how many bad experiences I’ve been through.”

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“I knew that I would find true love eventually,” says Michael. “However, after having a few failed relationships in the past, I didn't think it would come as soon as it did. There's was a point for a while after my relationship before Ashley that I was just going to focus on me. I think that was hurt talking rather than it being something that I really wanted to do. My hearts desire was really never to want to do life on my own. I knew that God had my favor (wife) out there somewhere for me. I'm just so thankful that although I was hurt for a moment, I didn't stay hurt for a lifetime. I'm sure I would have overlooked the precious jewel that God has blessed me with now.”

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We adore the way these newlyweds looked at each other on their special day. You could see all of the admiration, respect, loyalty, and of course, love.

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Seeing this show of love and support for both families on a couple's wedding day never gets old.

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Amazing aisle style for the win. We love it!

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The bridesmaid's dress provided a perfect pop of color.

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“My stepfather walked me down the aisle,” Ashley tells us. “He has been in my life since I was two years old. I don’t know any other father but him. He has been to every graduation, my prom, and with me through every high and low in my life. That’s my daddy!”

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“I felt beautiful and secure,” says Ashley of her big moment at the altar. “I felt that God saved the best for me. I felt that I was marrying a champion of a man and I was blessed to be in this position.”

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The altar had trailing greenery, spray roses and large faced garden roses to accent the large cross placed where the ceremony took place.

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There was no shortage of sweet portraits to pick from this couple's lovely wedding day.

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“We included the foot washing ceremony,” says Ashley. “It’s public declaration of service, humility and oneness.”

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“Michael first got down on his knees and washed my feet, and following him I did the same,” Ashley tells us. “It was very intimate, and to share that in front of our 85 guests meant so much.”

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“While looking into her eyes at the altar, there were so many emotions going through my mind,” says Ashley. “I felt a great sense of responsibility. I knew that this woman looking back at me was counting on me to lead our family in the most loving and Christ-like way. I knew that she wasn't holding anything back with me and that she was trusting me with her whole heart. It was also a surreal moment for me. I couldn't really believe that this was the woman God was allowing me to marry.”

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Ashley walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of Jimmy Needman’s “Unfailing Love.”

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Ashley and Michael exchanged vows they wrote just for each other.

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“Our wedding theme was vintage, timeless, love,” the bride tells us.

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“I love that he genuinely has a heart for people,” Ashley shares with us. “He’s very kind and loving man. I love that he is not ashamed of his faith. He’s make everyone he comes in contact with feel special. I adore that about him.”

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“I think the thing that I love the most about her is her loyalty towards me and those she loves,” says Michael. “I truly love the way she loves me on a daily basis. This woman is truly the best thing to ever happen in her life. Her love has lifted me and given me new strength and even great vision for life.”

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“I would describe AJ as a passionate, loyal and hardworking woman,” says her groom. “I would also describe her as a global leader. Her passion for empowering women enables her to be influential in the lives of many women all over the world.”

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Cheers to Ashley and Michael, who were all smiles after they tied the knot.

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Pretty pink tables lined the dance floor at the couple's romantic reception space.

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The team at K&Co Floral Design were behind the couple's gorgeous wedding day blooms.

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Ashley and Michael chose Stevie Wonder's "A Ribbon In The Sky" for their romantic first dance.

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We just love their love!

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“I chose to make Ashley my wife, because after getting to know her, love her and adore her, I knew she was the women I was to marry,” says Michael. “I saw her love for God and passion for empowering people and from there I knew that this was the woman God had just for me. I also prayed and sought wise counsel for trusted people in my life because I wanted to make sure that I was making a head and heart decision.”

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“Being a bride was everything I desired it to be,” says Ashley. “My husband was very supportive and we kept the wedding in perspective. In times when I would get stressed we prayed together and reminded ourselves that it was only a day. Our marriage is what mattered the most.”

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The couple's details photographed beautifully on their big day. Kudos to their photographer for capturing all the precious details from their big day.

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The couple chose to display intimate details about their stories on their reception tables.

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The couple chose cupcakes over a traditional wedding cake.  “I was never a big cake eater, but I love cupcakes so we incorporated them instead,” says Ashley. “We had red velvet and butter scotch flavored cupcakes. They had purple satin ribbons with floral toppings.” Yummy!

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Guests went home with custom snack packs. Don't you just love this favor idea?

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“I was extremely emotional, nervous, excited and felt so beautiful in that moment when he proposed,” says Ashley.” I did not cry, but I was full of gratitude that The Lord so graciously allowed us to meet, fall in love and ultimately marry.”

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Join us as we congratulate Ashley and Michael on their blissful "I dos." Want to see your wedding featured in Bridal Bliss? Email us now!


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