Bridal Bliss: Angie and Josh

Believe it or not, Angie met her husband Josh in the seventh grade. He was her middle school crush and she passed him a note that read: "Do you want to be my boyfriend? Check yes, no or maybe." Can you guess which box he checked? They’ve been together ever since and now they’re newlyweds!

Charli Penn Mar, 12, 2014

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"I knew he was the one when my family started to refer to him as 'nephew' before he was officially a part of the family," says Angie. "He was included in everything from the church activities to the yearly getaways that my grandfather and uncles took to go watch baseball games and enjoy the rib-fests. It was an amazing feeling to know that my family loved him just as much as I did. I knew that I couldn’t go through life without him by my side."

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"I wore Maggie Sottero’s Divina gown for my wedding day," says the bride. "When I started searching for gowns I knew what style I wanted and I knew it had to be a Maggie Sottero. I also knew that there had to be layers too." 

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Angie wowed in purple, Badgley Mischka pumps on her big day. We love a pop of color under those big pretty wedding gowns.

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Angie chose spectacular jewelry from the Disney Fairytale Collection to complement her gown.

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"I accepted his proposal because I knew that Josh was everything to me," says Angie. "There was nothing more exciting than knowing I would be able to wake up to my best friend everyday, for the rest of my life just by becoming his wife." 

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"I did not have anything old or blue," Angie admits. "However, my 'something new' was, of course, my wedding dress. I had two borrowed items: My previous manager and I had become really close so I borrowed a broach that I loved of hers and placed it in my bouquet. Plus, my hairpiece was also borrowed from my cousin who had married a year before Josh and I."

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Angie's niece and cousin were thrilled to join the bridal party as the flower girls.

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Angie's eight lovely bridesmaids wore Lazaro gowns. "I knew I needed a dress that would work with different shapes and sizes so A-line styles were at the top of my list," confesses Angie "I also wanted something long and elegant for two reasons: I wanted to make sure that guest knew who was a part of the bridal party and I just love long bridesmaids’ dresses at weddings."

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"Josh was heaven sent," Angie shares. "He shows me on a regular basis that he loves me, flaws and all. I know that there will never be a day that goes by that he won’t make me laugh or make sure that I’m the happiest woman alive."

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Josh's best men were his brother and best friend from high school and his groomsmen were friends from high school and college, and Angie's cousin. Plus, Josh's cousin was their ring bearer.

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Angie walks to her groom for their "First Look" ritual before the ceremony. Wait until you see the look on his face the first time he laid eyes on his bride. #aww

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Josh stares at his beautiful bride Angie in total awe of her beauty. When a groom sees his bride for the very first time, you can always see the look of love all over their face.

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What a gorgeous group! Someone grab a frame, please. This one belongs on everyone's wall.

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"I know that the two of us will do great things together," says Angie. Agreed! What a lovely couple.

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"I knew she was everything that I wanted in a wife and she continuously surprised me on a daily basis," says Josh. "She was my biggest supporter and I knew I could count on her for any and everything. She’s also an amazing cook too. (Smiles!)"

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"Josh is caring, protective, compassionate comedian who is hard working and very goal oriented," says Angie. "I love the fact that he loves me for me and he has never tried to change me. He knows my like and dislikes, what motivates me and what makes me happy." 

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"I knew I would find true love because I think there is someone for everyone," says Josh. "I just didn’t expect to find it so soon." What a blessing!

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"Being a bride was a fairy tale moment," says the Josh. "I have never felt so beautiful, so loved or so supported in this new journey in my life."

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"I will never forget that feeling of joy that I had walking down that aisle," says Angie who chose to march to "I'm Sure It's Your" by Shelea Frazier.

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"My Uncle Michael (affectionately known as Mickey) walked me down the aisle," Angie explains. "My dad passed away when I was 15 and my uncle made a promise to him that he would treat my siblings and I like his own as long as he was here on Earth. My Uncle has never broken that promise and I am forever grateful for him."

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"Our wedding officiant was the pastor of my church and also my Godfather," Angie explains. "It was a unanimous decision to have him for the wedding seeing as though he had watched me grow into a woman. He knew the history (and approved) of Josh and I's relationship."

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Let's hear it for the newlyweds! It moves out hearts to know they dated for twelve solid years and still made it to their happily ever after more in love than ever before.

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Angie and Josh take a lovely portrait with their bridal party at the church. What a beautiful support system!

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"The landscaping at the church was amazing during the spring so it was perfect for us to take our pictures there," Angie recalls.

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"I married a woman who is strong, beautiful and compassionate," says Josh. "She's someone that balances me out, plus she's hardworking."

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"Josh and I had our bachelor/bachelorette party on the same weekend," says Angie. "We mainly just had good times with friends to celebrate the last days of the single life."

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"I honestly didn’t hear the song being played because of all the cheers and clapping as we came in," Angie jokes.

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We love this photo of Angie and Josh swaying to “A Couple of Forevers” by Chrisette Michelle mixed with a little “Stairway to Heaven” by the Ojays. Excellent mix, if we do say so ourselves.

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"The cake was amazing," says Angie. "My wedding cake was a four-tier cake with each layer trimmed in rhinestone and topped with green hydrangeas and purple calla lilies. We had three flavors so that our guest could have options. So, since one of my aunts gifted the cake, we allowed her to choose her favorite flavor, which was marble swirl. Josh fell in love with the apple cinnamon flavor, and I decided to just go with lemon. Our cake was created by Frani Peatross from A Taste of Love."

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A whopping 312 guests showed up to help Angie and Josh celebrate their wedding day. Soul Train line, anyone?

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What a fun shot! It looks like Angie gave on heck of a toss when it came time to throw her bouquet the single ladies' way.

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A classic shot of the fellas hoping to get their very own shot at "I do."

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The newlyweds honeymooned for seven days in romantic Cabo San Lucas. If you enjoyed Angie and Josh's wedding day as much as we did, don't forget to leave the happy couple a little comment love below. Want to see your wedding featured in Bridal Bliss? Email us now!


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