Bridal Bliss: Amber and A.Dee

Bridal Bliss: Amber and A.Dee
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 27, 2012

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Graduate student Amber Bryant, 27, met professor A.Dee Williams, 40, at a Super Bowl party at his place. When they both went for the same book, he just knew she was “the one.” They were married in the backyard of their new home on September 3rd, 2011. Share their love.

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Amber visited various Los Angeles stores in search of “the dress,” but when she found this gorgeous Nicole Miller gown at Nordstrom’s, she knew “it was just right for a relaxed outdoor wedding.” She ordered it online and it fit like a dream.

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“I didn’t want to wear a whole lot of jewelry, so I kept it simple,” says Amber. The bracelet she wore was given to her husband by his grandmother when he started kindergarten, to make sure that if he ever got lost he could find his way home.

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Shop savvy bride-to-be Amber snagged this gorgeous pair of Badgley Mischka bridal heels for a great price on

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Two words: Irresistible cheeks.

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There’s no place like home, and Amber and A.Dee couldn’t agree more. “We chose to get married at home because we wanted to have a wedding that felt personal and intimate,” says Amber. “Plus, it gave all our out-of-town relatives a chance to see our new home for the first time.”

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Although strapless gowns are, by far, the most popular wedding gown style amongst brides, Amber is fabulous proof that more sleeve can mean more style. The lace trim detail is so romantic.

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Bride-to-be Amber shares a quiet moment of prayer with her family before meeting her love, A.Dee, at the altar to exchange vows.

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His and hers gold rings seal the deal for Amber and A.Dee.

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Amber and A.Dee trusted their floral and event stylist Therese Dozier of My Sorted Affair to take care of all the little details, including how to incorporate white Gerber daises and garden roses into the existing decor around their home. As you can see, Dozier’s team executed every detail beautifully.

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“We had an outdoor ceremony in our backyard,” says Amber. "Then there was a cocktail reception in the front yard for guests while we took photos and tables were set up in the back. Next, everyone returned to the backyard for dinner, and afterwards we opened it up for dancing and hanging out.

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To honor A.Dee’s parents, who are both deceased, the couple left two seats open in remembrance during the ceremony.

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“I only had one bridesmaid; my sister,” says Amber. “She picked out her own dress and it worked out perfectly. It was drama and hassle-free.”

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Crafty bride Amber decided she’d save some money and make their wedding fans herself. She ordered sticks online through a wholesale site, printed and cut out the design from their invitations, and then used craft glue to turn them into the lovely fans you see here. The original design is from the Ello There Wedding Invitations Shop.

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Amber’s dad proudly escorted her down the aisle.

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After the bride’s older cousin married them, the happy couple shared a (very!) romantic kiss and basked in the magic of the moment they officially became husband and wife.

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“The moment I came out of my back door and saw him waiting for me at the end of our backyard was one of my favorite memories,” says Amber. “The look on his face and the tears in his eyes are something that I will remember forever.”

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In March of 2011, Amber and A.Dee purchased their new home together. They said it was the perfect place to take their pre and post wedding photos.

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During the cocktail hour, the couple used large mason jars in lieu of cocktail glasses. Guests had two delicious signature drinks to choose from throughout the evening: Sweet tea vodka and lemonade (hers) and bourbon punch (his).

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Guests were encouraged to leave well-wishes for the happy couple in this vintage suitcase. What a fun keepsake idea!

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“Our wedding theme was southern, comfy, homey deliciousness,” says Amber.

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Guests dined on classic southern dishes at these gorgeous round tables as the sun set on Amber and A.Dee’s special day.

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The newlyweds sway beneath the sunset as they enjoy their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Williams. So precious!

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Comfort food was the only thing on the menu at Amber and A.Dee’s wedding reception. “The catering was amazing,” says the bride. Dulan’s Catering, in Los Angeles, made the absolute best short ribs that anyone had ever eaten. People could not stop raving about the food."

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In keeping with tradition, newlyweds Amber and A.Dee work together to cut the first piece of their mini red velvet cake.

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The new Mr. and Mrs. Williams hold each other close as they thank their cherished guests for coming to their home to help them celebrate such a momentous occasion in their lives.

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Amber and A.Dee’s wedding favors were a true labor of love. The bride was determined to give their guests homemade jam (that she made herself), no matter what it took. She asked her grandmother for her delicious apple-butter jam recipes, and then she, A. Dee, and her cousin Nina, made and canned little mason jars of jam for all.

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Amber and A.Dee say there was never any question about whether their love was meant to be. They both knew it was the real thing and they were willing to put in the work to hold on to it.

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Although the couple disagrees slightly on how well they stuck to their wedding budget when things were all said and done, they are both certain that they saved big-time by hosting their dream wedding at home — even if it did become quite a production. “I don’t ever want to write another check again,” jokes A.Dee. “[It was beautiful]… wouldn’t change a thing… but way too many checks!”

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Amber and A.Dee picked the place closest to their hearts to tie the knot, and we love that. Plus, we just love how they put their own special stamp on their wedding day. Join us in wishing the couple nothing but the best in the future, and be sure to visit The Bride’s Cafe now to see more photos from their beautiful wedding weekend.


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