Bridal Bliss: Alisha and Jordan's Georgia Wedding Photos

Spelman woman Alisha and Morehouse man Jordan met while mentoring for a community service group. They’ve had each other’s backs ever since. See their lovely Georgia wedding and share their love!

Charli Penn Jul, 30, 2014

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“I knew he was the one when he remained consistent in his pursuit of me,” explains the lovely bride. “Above all else, he was a great friend who would drop anything he had going on to be there for me.”

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“I caught a glimpse of a girl on Bridezillas who had gone crazy out of her mind and began cutting her hair off,” Alisha says. “By the end of the show, she had a really fly short cut/color combination that I fell in love with for my wedding.”

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“I wore a silver peep-toe Guess wedding shoe, a birdcage veil to complement my short hair cut, and dangling pearl-colored white beaded earrings given to me by my mother,” says Alisha.

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“My bouquet was completely DIY,” says Alisha. “It was covered with brooches and other pieces of vintage jewelry I found in different places. I hand laid the pieces to it each day until I got it to look exactly how I wanted it to. The reason I chose to do the brooch bouquet is because I thought it was different than what you see at most weddings. I was also excited that I could keep it forever and use it for different occasions to celebrate our love.”

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“I knew my wife was the one when I met her in the community service organization we were both involved in,” says Jordan. “I remember telling my best friend, also my best man, ‘I’m going to marry that girl.’”

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“I had visited all of the bridal shops in Atlanta to try on dresses,” says Alisha. “One of my bridesmaids, Ashley, came with me to try on dresses. I was so opposed to a big puffy gown, but none of the dresses I tried on were a good fit. She finally grabbed one that caught her eye and told me to try it. I was reluctant because it looked puff, however, I tried it on and fell in love with it.”

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“No, I did not think I would find true love how and when I did,” says Alisha. “In fact, I was over it and definitely not looking for love. Jordan was not exactly the type of guy I would go for, but exactly the type of man I needed in my life.”

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“We honored our sister, best friend and bridesmaid Genevieve Costello who lost her battle to breast cancer just one month and a few days before our wedding,” says Alisha. “We used the picture she sent us in her bridesmaid dress to walk her down the aisle along with a lantern and placed her picture on an easel in her rightful place among the other bridesmaids. The entire bridal party wore the pink breast cancer ribbon.”

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Jordan was a hands-on groom! “My husband picked his attire and the groomsmen’s attire,” Alisha tells us.

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Losing your best friend just weeks before your wedding is heartbreaking, but Alisha made sure that her bestie was there in spirit on her big day. This is absolutely beautiful.

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There was room for all in Alisha and Jordan's sweet pre-wedding portrait session.

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The bride strikes a pretty pose with her fierce bridal party.

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“The format of my ceremony was an outdoor garden wedding,” says Alisha. “The ceremony chairs were set up to enclose my husband and I in a ‘circle of love.’ We used a lot of the natural beauty of the garden itself as décor.”

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The flower girls (and baby flower girl) were the bride’s cousin, her goddaughter, and the groom’s little sister. Aww!

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One hundred guests made up of the couple’s closest friends and family attended their special day.

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“My father, who is the hardest working man I know, walked me down the aisle,” says Alisha, who chose to walk to John Legend’s “So High.” “My father deserved that honor!”

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“I felt so euphoric looking into his eyes at the altar,” says Alisha. “It felt surreal, like we are here. Wow!”

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Alisha and Jordan kept it romantic and exchanged traditional wedding vows at the altar. (Added bonus: The bride's grandmother was their officiant!)

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“I felt complete,” says Jordan. “Everything was coming full circle.”

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Alisha and Jordan untied their families by lighting a unity candle during their ceremony.

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“I chose to make Alisha my wife because she was a woman I knew I could take home to my mother,” says Jordan. “She is kind, she is smart, she is important. No, seriously she was a woman who caught my eye from the first day I saw her. She had a certain presence that captured my attention.”

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Jordan planted a romantic pucker on his lovely bride at the altar.

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The new Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were all smiles on their way back down the aisle. We just adore this photo.

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“My wedding cake was a three-layered red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting,” explains the bride. “The top layer was decorated with pearls. The second layer was decorated with a swirl pattern and the third layered was decorated with a square imprint pattern. Each layer was wrapped at the bottom with fuchsia or gray ribbon. I used some of the vintage jewelry from my bouquet to place in the center of each ribbon.”

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“It felt so beautiful to be a bride,” says Alisha. “I was pampered and well taken care of. It was more than I dreamed of.”

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Like many romantic brides, Alisha couldn’t resist sharing her first dance with her husband to the sounds of Chrisette Michelle’s “A Couple of Forevers.”

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“The thing I love most about her is her personality,” says Jordan. “She is extremely smart, beautiful and talented, however, she is really down to earth and humble. She also has a smile that can light up a room.”

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“I knew I would have to leave home (Ohio) to find a wife,” Jordan shares. “I did not think I would have to put in as much effort as I did trying to win Alisha over (she was a hard one to impress), but I’m glad I did!”

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“The cake topper was a chocolate bride and groom holding hands in a first dance pose,” says Alisha.

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Alisha's Spelman sisters were on hand to embrace her moment and help her big day become all the more special.

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“The groom’s cake was also a red velvet cake. It was the replica of a Morehouse fitted cap that my husband owns," says Alisha.

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