Bottoms: Chic Triangles

Take a peek inside our Fashion Closet to see the bottoms that fit and flatter your figure!

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Flaunt a little and mask a little by redefining your sultry curves with this clean lined asymmetrical skirt. 

Skirt, Josh Goot, $180,

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Vibrant ladies, take note that both A-line and full circle skirts are perfect for your pear shape.  

Skirt, River Island, $36,

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Triangle darlings let’s not skirt away from a pencil skirt.  This fitted contour offers a thick fabric and band that slims the midsection while gracing your curves in all the right places.  

Skirt, Chavon Shree,

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This asymmetrical beauty wraps around your curves while still concealing a hint of skin.

Skirt, Boohoo, $24,

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Dress up or down your physique in this asymmetrical printed skirt for the ultimate silhouette enhancer.

Skirt, Boohoo, $30,

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Short skirts are not for you shy away from!  However, pick up skirts with thicker fabric such as this faux leather metallic skirt. 

Skirt, H&M, $24.95,

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Triangle beauties go for volume with structured printed pieces such as this embroidered double wrap skirt.

Skirt, Topshop, $150,

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Take the longer route in this fringed skirt.  The asymmetrical fringe will flare at the bottom while the top pencil style will elevate your curves. 

Skirt, Target, $19,

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Sparkle bright in this non-traditional A-line mini skirt.  The pop of print mixed with the unique cut will give an extra boost to your figure and style.  

Skirt, Suno, $395,

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Trendy triangles add a pop of color to your lower half in this radiant orange asymmetrical beauty.

Skirt, Target, $19,


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