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Boris Kodjoe enjoys his career as one of Hollywood’s hottest actors.
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 26, 2008

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Boris Kodjoe enjoys his career as one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, but being a loving husband and doting father is what matters most, he says.

“I’m living a dream and I am blessed beyond belief,” he says. “For me, there’s nothing but joy and I let it show as much as I can."

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Power couple Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker arrive in style at his Atlanta birthday party in March 2008.

“Let me tell you that love makes you feel invincible and that’s where your everyday joy and daily blessings come from,” Kodjoe says. “My wife is involved in everything I do and she’s my sounding board.”

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Kodjoe cuddles up with daughter Sophie, then 2, and son Nicolas, then 7 months, for ESSENCE’s Father’s Day tribute in 2007.

“My wife and I had to choose life; we had to choose our kids and each other first. Everything else is secondary to what your family gives you."

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In “All About Us,” Kodjoe stars alongside Ruby Dee, center, and Ryan Michelle Bathe. The movie centers on a filmmaking couple that is in search of their next big project after reaching a dead end in Hollywood.

“I definitely relate to this film closely,” he says. “It’s a challenge to leave Hollywood but it’s necessary for us to really focus on raising our family and watching our lil’ ones grow up.”

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Kodjoe’s character in “All About Me” gets an unexpected surprise while holding his baby, as on-screen wife Bathé tries to assist.

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The couple keeps the passion alive on film, though Kodjoe admits it’s not as steamy on set.

“It’s so not intimate because it’s very orchestrated and you have so many folks shouting and telling you how to hold your head, open your mouth and so forth,” he shares.

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Kodjoe shares what he hopes his legacy will be: “That I was an amazing husband and father. I hope they will say I had integrity, that I was responsible, loved my family unconditionally, and inspired people to always make things better. ”


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