Booyah! The 90s Black Girl Moments Making a Comeback

We spy with our nostalgic eyes a slew of 90s pop culture comebacks—from box braids and overalls to Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot making their comebacks. We think it's dope!

Taylor Lewis Jun, 26, 2015

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It felt like we woke up in 1995 (and we were totally okay with that) when Janet Jackson announced that she was going on tour again. If her "Unbreakable" tour is anything like her previous world tours, we are in for a treat. Go 'head, Miss Jackson! 

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Yasss. Almost 10 years after she dropped The Cookbook, the M.C. got us hollerin' when she shut down the Super Bowl half-time show in February. Next week, she's headed to New Orleans to shut down the Superdome at our ESSENCE Fest. We think that's Supa Dupa Fly.

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Seven years ago, you couldn't dream of getting away with pairing acid wash jeans with a crop top and a flannel shirt. Now? It's as chic (and comfy!) as it was in 1993.

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But seriously—when did this happen? One minute they're tacky and outdated, and the next, everyone is scrambling for a pair. We're totally feeling them… except we still haven't solved the whole "How do you use the bathroom in these things??" conundrum. 

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We never truly got over the downfall of beauty perfection that was box braids, so we were overjoyed when we saw that the started their comeback. We just have one final request—Janet, do you think you could jump on this trend ASAP and reprise your title as Box Braids Queen?

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Platforms: They're sturdier than heels and they elongate your legs without forcing you to stand at a 55 degree angle. Tell us again why these ever went out of style?

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You couldn't swing your mini backpack in the 90s without running into someone with a nose ring. Twenty years later, after a brief hiatus, they're back and cuter than ever! 

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We'll admit that our temporary tattoo taste has matured a bit since 1996 (Goodbye, Minnie Mouse. Hello, flash tattoos), but either way, they adhere with water and start peeling in a matter of hours. 

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The ladies were screaming when Jodeci announced that they would be dropping a new album—The Past, The Present, The Future—earlier this year, 20 years after we last heard from them. Sooo does this mean that they're back for good?

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All we have to say about this is "good!" (We were so over that whole monochromatic nail polish thing). Why shouldn't we have fun with our nails? While we're at it, we should go ahead and bring back the "every other nail a different color" trend, too. 


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