Body Watch: The Forty Hottest Bodies in Hollywood

Body Watch: The Forty Hottest Bodies in Hollywood
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 11, 2011

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Kudos! Bravo! And Congratulations, are all in order to Nicole Murphy for a body like that! How she maintained a toned physique after six kids is a secret she should sell!

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We got to know Isaiah Mustafa for those quirky Old Spice commercials and got to love him for that chiseled physique!

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Who is that lady under the hat and shades? Kelly Rowland! The singer is clearly blessed with a body as beautiful as her voice.

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The world was introduced to Melanie Brown as the Scary Spice in the 90s girl group Spice Girls. These days with her fit body she might as well be Sporty Spice too.

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Is Naomi Campbell really over 40 years-old? Yes! And has the body of a twenty year old. Clearly, her model good looks have no expiration date.

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Halle Berry is always in rare form with a body as gorgeous as a woman half her age.

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Usher’s hit single "OMG"said it all when it comes to his ripped abs and toned body.

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Lalia Ali’s hard rock body proves that Papa Ali isn’t the only one who can knock ’em out.

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Idris Elba’s voice has us so hipnotized that sometimes we don’t notice the ultimate cherry on top: his ultra-sexy physique!

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If we had a body like that…we hope we would flaunt it half as well as Serena “The Body” Williams does.

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All those dance moves on stage have paid off in more than dollar bills. No wonder why Beyonce favors minis and plunging necklines!

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Will Smith has won the jackpot of life. He has the career, family life, and body that any Hollywood man would love to have.

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From a fly girl to one hot mama, Jennifer Lopez still has her hot curves and famous booty throughout the years.

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Tyrse had us at hello with his dazzling smile and rich velvety skin. Those abs under his blazer didn’t hurt either!

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With a body like Taraji P. Henson, who really needs a showstopping red dress? But it sure does emphasis all those hours put in the gym!

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Ever since he burst on the scene with his chocolate skin and rippled abs we’ve been in love! Now at forty, the supermodel still graces us with his chiseled good looks.

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We’ve heard the rumors! But true or not, Nicki Minaj’s curves are beyond beautiful.

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Cuba Gooding Jr. had us in “Show me your money,” and he still has us thanks to his show stopping body.

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The definition of tall, dark, and handsome, Lance Gross looks good from from head to toe!

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Let’s give it up for Vanessa Williams who has kept it tight – and right – with a beautiful, feminine physique!

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Ladies Love LL Cool J for many a reason. Top on the list though? A body that has stayed as fine as wine over the years.

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Even stop sign red hair and quirky clothes don’t distract from one fact: Rihanna has one fierce body!

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Say what you will about his looks, but Fifty’s body is absolutely undeniable. His arms and abs are as legendary as his climb to the top.

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Sports clearly do a body good. Her athletic arms and legs make Venus Williams one of our hottest bodies in Hollywood.

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It’s almost not fair: Nicole Ari Parker has a hot hubby, Boris Kodjoe, and her own hot body to boot. We’re not mad atcha.

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It’s easy to forget how much Queen Latifah has trimmed down over the years. The result of her hard work? Sexy curves that make us want to hit the gym too!

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Thanks to his toned body Mechad Brook caught the attention of Calvin Klein. The 6’3" actor became a model for Calvin Klein’s X Underwear campaign.

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With the dance moves Janet Jackson pulls on stage, we’re not surprised her body is as solid as her body of work.

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The First Lady Michelle Obama likes to show off her tone arms by wearing strapless gowns and sleeveless dresses. We can’t blame her.

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No drama will get between Mary J. Blige and her time at the gym. Her tone abs and flat stomach prove Mary works a sweat on stage and in the gym.

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Ciara shows off how fit she is by doing gravity-defying dance moves but her lean legs, hard abs and muscled arms just say it all.

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On the red carpet Gabrielle Union turns heads for her sense of style and envious body. Dwyane Wade is one lucky champ.

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Who doesn’t love Angela Bassett? Her elegant beauty is matched with a body that can give ladies in their 20s a run for their money.

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Sincere thanks to his parents for collaborating on this talk, handsome man with a body as beautiful as his personality.

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No wonder Jada Pinkett Smith always looks stunning on the red carpet. Her pretty petite frame caries everything from bikini’s to ball gown’s effortlessly.

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And we are telling you…J-Hud’s dramatic body makeover, thanks to Weight Watchers, has unearthed a side sexier than we could have ever imagined.

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Common knows his way with the ladies thanks to his smooth voice but we have a feeling his hot arms have something to do with it too.

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On screen and off Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues to impress us with his impressive, ummmm, body of work.

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Tone arms, legs and a firm and flat belly are how Regina King is keeping her sexy after twenty plus years in the game!

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Nia is a Long time favorite for hot bodies in Hollywood. From her smile to her skin to her curves, there’s a lot to congratulate.


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