Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon's Love in Pictures

Just weeks after Bobbi Kristina's tragic hospitalization, rumors are swirling about her condition and what next steps are for the family. Regardless, her longtime love Nick Gordon has tattooed Bobbi Kristina's name on his arm. Let's take a look back at their love in pictures.

Jolie A. Doggett Feb, 02, 2015

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Just weeks after Bobbi Kristina's tragic hospitalization, Nick Gordon memorialized his longtime love with a tattoo of her name on his arm. Even though Bobbi has yet to recover, with this tattoo, she and Nick will be together forever.

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Bobbi was confident that her mother, Whitney Houston, would approve of her love for Nick Gordon. "We love you mom, I know you'd be overly joyous & that's what really matters," Bobbi wrote on Instagram. "#loveofmylife #engagementring! #madlyinlove #incompletebliss #myeverything."


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Bobbi Kristina sums up her love with this Instagram post"#BeingInLove is like nothing you've ever felt before it's a blessing I can't describe @nickdgordon I love you baby , how thankful for you I am ?.. I can't begin to tell you "

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All smiles with Bobbi and Nick.

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Kicking back and "Coolin" in Nick's Instagram post.

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Beach bums. "Me and my baby," Nick wrote on Instagram.

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Time for pillow talk? "How I love to love you. #nofilter #pure," Bobbi says.

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You don't need glasses to see how much they care about each other. "#Iloveus4eyedfreaks," Bobbi says.

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The love is strong between these two. "Love. Health. Muscles. Real legit happiness between two individuals," according to Bobbi Kristina.

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Bobbi Kristina knows she has something special. "This is what I awake to every morning , how blessed am I?" she wrote on Instagram.

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Nothing can keep these two apart. "I love you honey :)(: Popsicles in hands&all!" Bobbi said on Instagram

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Bobbi attempts to share a kiss with Nick, "TheLoveOfMyLife :)"

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"Iloveyoubaby :)" Bobbi wrote on her Instagram. By the way he's looking at her, you can tell he feels the same way.

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The love they share is obvious.

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A selfie before the sunrise. "GoodMorning:)(:" she wrote on Instagram.

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The happy couple is "too relaxed" while sun bathing.

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"You fill me up :)" thought Bobbi Kristina as she and Nick shared a loving embrace.


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