Blonde Ambition

Rihanna finally realized that blondes really do have more fun! The singer has been spotted all over town sporting her freshly blonde locks. We take a look at her haircolor journey.
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 18, 2009

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Rihanna started sporting blonde high-lights this past Summer.

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Here she’s pictured sporting a lighter version of blonde streaks in her side swept bangs.

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Rihanna’s cutting edge style was amplified by her sharp hair cut with her honey blonde high lights.

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Rihanna continued to go blonde and rocking out in this black and white outfit. The red accessories and lips stick add to the drama to her retro ’80s look.

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At the Paris Shows, Rihanna wore her hair swept to the side showing off her blonde streaked hair with dramatic sunglasses and purple lipstick.

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Rihanna wears her jet black hair with blonde high lights in a soft swirl at the Chanel show in Paris.

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Here Rihanna pulls her streaked hair up into a funky pompadour ’do which works perfectly with her fierce look.

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Rihanna’s sharp cut matches her cut-out Jean Paul Gaulltier out fit—classic with a lot of edge.

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Here we can see the beginnings of her honey blonde hair color with the introduction of a long colored streak along with her shaved edges.

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And now she’s a blond! Rihanna’s hairstylist Ursula Stephen described the coloring process as “hard work and dedication.”
“Rihanna was determined to be a blonde! I’ve been coloring her hair black for at least 2-3 years, so I had to strip the black,” Stephen said. “After two separate processes we finally got the color we wanted.”

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To maintain Rihanna’s blonde, Stephen said she starts with a color-preserving conditioner to maximize color retention.
“Afterwards, I follow with the Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion-Regular Hold ($5, drugstores nationwide) as it gives the hair a soft flexible hold,” she said.

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