15 #BlackTwitter Voices to Follow Today

A cultural phenomenon to reckon with, Black Twitter rises to collectively combat injustice, discuss topics affecting the Black community and ultimately sting anyone that steps out of line. It's influence is so big in fact, that the LA Times has reportedly hired a writer to cover it. Here, we round up 15 personalities to follow.

Dominique Hobdy Jul, 08, 2015

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Tweets About: Pop culture, #BlackLivesMatter, Women's issues

Memorable Tweet: "#Askacop I have a math question: if 1 Black man has zero guns, zero knives and 2 hands, how many bullets does it take to disarm him?"

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Tweets About: Police brutality, politics, civil rights, pop culture

Memorable Tweet: "There's a tendency to push black folk into this immediate "healing" phase without acknowledging the actual trauma."

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Tweets About: Police brutality, race relations, pop culture, international news

Memorable Tweet: "If 234 White girls from the UK were kidnapped, we'd know their names, favorite subjects in school, hobbies, and there'd be a benefit concert."

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Tweets About: Police brutality, racism, pop culture, entertainment, women's issues

Memorable Tweet: "Wanna see how racist your hometown is? Protest."

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Tweets About: Pop culture, politics and reality TV

Memorable Tweet: "A white man is confronted about him murdering a teenager and he flips it on Black people. Shonda Rhimes: nailed it. #ScandaI"

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Tweets About: Entertainment, politics, race relations, random humorous happenings

Memorable Tweet: "all these press conferences urging people not to get violent. know what helps people not be violent? not killing their friends & family."

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Tweets About: Awards shows, Social injustice, TV shows, including her all-time favorite, Scandal.

Memorable Tweet: "We cannot speak up about any and everything bad that happens in the world. We can choose our battles but some of yall ain't even in the ring."

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Tweets About: Entertainment, women's issues, relationships

Memorable Tweet: "Black folk will include everyone, end up excluded, and be confused about how and why it happened. #BETAwards"

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Tweets About: Race, politics, pop culture, creator of #OscarsSoWhite hashtag

Memorable Tweet: "Not sure what @starbucks was thinking. I don't have time to explain 400 years of oppression to you & still make my train. #RaceTogether"

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Tweets About: Black history, education, politics, pop culture

Memorable Tweet: "So I suggest that we tweet #WeHelpOurselves with names of black women who made a way for us. Let's change the conversation. ;)"

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Tweets About: Race relations, police brutality, award shows, pop culture

Memorable Tweet: "#RachelDolezal had to get rid of her pubic hair, explain her areolas and keep a succession of bad wigs and weaves. That's work."

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Tweets About: Feminism, racism, police brutality, pop culture

Memorable Tweet: "'if Bruce can be transgender then rachel can be Black" - people who haven't read a book since high school"

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Tweets About: Pop culture, racism, all things Beyoncé, entertainment

Memorable Tweets: ""Go back to Africa" shows how stupid racist people are. You hopped on boats and came here too. Only difference is you MADE us come with you."

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Tweets About: Politics, Black issues, women's issues

Memorable Tweet: "Beautiful Bree makes a good case for Black girl fitness-neva know when you have to climb a poll & tear some racists ish down #FreeBree"

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Tweets About: Police brutality, news, women's issues

Memorable Tweet: "CVS burns: Worldwide coverage. Six black churches burn: crickets."