Get Away Guide: 9 Travel Instagrams You Need To Follow

Get bit by the travel bug this Memorial Day weekend. If you've got wanderlust but don't know where to start, click "follow" on these Instagram pages and be instantly transported all around the world.  

Jolie A. Doggett Apr, 16, 2015

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Over 9,000 international members strong, Nomadness is starting a new age urban travel movement.

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The go-to Gram for the savvy Black traveler. There's no where in the world Travel Noire hasn't been.

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This page is inspiring and empowering women to take their lives into their own hands and see some world. 

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Why stay stuck in a stinky, sweaty club when there's a whole world out there to be discovered? Travel Is The New Club is for urban professionals looking to upgrade their definition of fun. 

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Two sisters, Crystal and Chelle, are taking you along on their journey around the world turning a modest budget into an extraordinary experience. 

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Beauty tricks and travel tips come together on Sheryll Donerson's blog, The Wanderlust Project. 

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Quinn Russell's reviews of the hospitality abroad will help you find the perfect place to rest your head on your ventures. 

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Tracey Coleman combines her love for food and wanderlust on her deliciously addictive Instagram and travel blog

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Canadian blogger Oneika has been teaching in over 40 different countries and she invites her readers to join her on her journey.