Black Music Goes Sci-Fi

Black Music Goes Sci-Fi
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 18, 2009

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Music lovers can’t get enough of the videos of their favorite artists’ creative freedom on video. goes back to the future and takes a look at a few artists who beam us up with their galactic artistry.

This triple threat always stays ahead in the music game. On this slick second second single off Jay’s upcoming “The Blueprint 3,” the Jiggaman is backed by a surefire team with Rihanna’s funky Mohawk and Kanye’s I-wish-you-would swag.

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Unrivaled King of Pop and his baby sis, pop diva Janet Jackson, joined forces for this state-of-the-art collabo that was simple yet edgy in its black-and-white theme.

Reported by Marcus A. Scott

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From razor-sharp and sleek quiffs to fun and frizzy Mad Max Mohawks, superstar Rihanna went in a new direction when she debuted her summer supernova “Disturbia.” Clad in the music video, donning a dominatrix space cadet style, she cements the sci-fi trend.

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This year, we saw a transformation in R&B empress Beyoncé. With her megahit “Single Ladies,” she debuted the now-infamous Lorraine Schwartz robo glove, and then the sassy metallic dangle shades in “Diva.” Rocking Thierry Mugler’s disco-ball Barbarella designs on her world tour, Beyoncé is certainly “Fierce,” to say the least.

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This ATL princess’s smooth moves were not only sensual but her razor-sharp blunt cuts and hot chandelier shades make her fans look forward to the future.

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Chi-town’s finest lyricist shows his robo swag and he delivers b-boy charm mixed with a Star Trek cybernetic spaceman appeal in this sick video.

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Cool kid Lupe Fiasco slid into the spotlight and never left a bad taste in our mouth when he strutted his neo-soul-meets-Mace Windu finesse in his hits “Superstar” and “Daydreamin’.”

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College radio fave Kid Sister flaunted her unique flamboyance in her video “Pro Nails,” with her Conehead-like bouffant updo, Harajuku makeup and mod look.

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Kanye West is the quintessential icon of sci-fi cool. With his clean cosmonaut glam, this suave playboy created the biggest fashion craze since Beyoncé’s gold pumps when he donned a pair of Alain Mikil shutter shades in “Stronger.”

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Sean “P. Diddy” Combs always gives a bit of a futuristic metallic “Tin Mannish” suit tinge of excitement in his videos, just look at "Tell Me,” and the legendary “Mo Money Mo Problems.”

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The illest rapper has always been cutting edge in his personal style, and his music and videos have been no different. Whether he’s turning into a liquid mass with Janet Jackson or enjoying strobe light rays with Estelle, he always stays ahead of the game.

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Gone are the days of Hollywood starlet pinup sparkle. Now are the times of bad girl glam. With her kaledioscopic flair, Kelis (as seen in “Bossy”) is head-to-toe—from zig-zag hair cuts, automaton designs to her eccentric shoe game—the lovechild of George Clinton and Grace Jones.

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With her 80’s afrocentric ladytron glam, up-and-comer Santigold took the world by storm with her critically acclaimed “L.E.S. Artistes,” and knack for mixing Road Warrior-type animal prints with neon tribal accessories.

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Bad Boy upstart and afropunk princess Janelle Monáe—with her pompadour hair, slim-cut leisure suits and intergalatic roar on her Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase"—is beaming us to the nearest clothing and music stores!

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Coining the phrase “Google Me,” she lept headfirst into the music game, inspiring the fashion world with her frizzy Afropuff curl, smooth-as-spider’s silk skirts and eccentric color scheme.


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