Black Love: Tamia and Grant Hill

Black Love: Tamia and Grant Hill
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 26, 2011

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Tamia and Grant met in 1996 shortly after Anita Baker told the songstress she knew the perfect man for her. They married in 1999.

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Four years after tying the knot, Tamia learned she had Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic disease affecting the brain and spinal cord. “When I was diagnosed, the first thing he said was, ‘What do we need to do to fight this?’” she told Oprah. “It’s good to have a fighter on your side.”

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The couple also supported each other when Grant suffered numerous ankle injuries and a staph infection that nearly cost his life. Through it all they persevered.

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Tamia and Grant’s eldest daughter Myla Grace was born in 2002. They welcomed their second daughter Lael (not pictured) in 2007.

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“I’m not one for flowers and stuff, but I love staying in bed all day with Grant, relaxing, and watching movies together. That’s what I find romantic,” Tamia told ESSENCE.

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Grant told Jet that he knew he’d spend his life with Tamia. “When we first started seeing each other that first two or three months, I kind of knew that this was the one,” he said.

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We’re not sure Grant can hold a note but you can always count on him to try. Here the beautiful couple joke around on stage at the 2008 Soul Summer Series.

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Tamia told Oprah it’s the little everyday things that make her love her husband. “It’s the watching him interact with our kids and I come home, and I want to take a bath, and he goes and grabs the kids. It’s those things that are wonderful,” she said.

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Grant doesn’t have to look far for a great example of Black love. His parents, Calvin and Janet have been married for over 30 years. “It was a great example growing up and having them as parents, seeing how they work through their marriage. Because marriage, as we all know, takes hard work,” said Grant.

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Tamia says she didn’t grow up with her father, and watching Grant interact with their daughters is priceless. “I’m proud, on one hand, that I can give that to [my children],” she said, "but it breaks my heart sometimes to see the interaction and see what I’ve missed out on.”

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Watching Tamia and Grant crack jokes during their recent visit to ESSENCE, it was obvious there’s a lot of laughter in the Hill household.

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“Unfortunately with athletes we all get painted with the same brush,” said Grant. “There are bad stories out there but you don’t hear about the good ones.”

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Twelve years after saying ‘I do,’ Tamia and Grant HIll are a shinning example of Black love.

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