Black Love: Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Through the Years

Black Love: Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Through the Years
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 06, 2011

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Spike and Tonya met at a Congressional Black Caucus dinner in 1992.

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Tonya recounts the pair’s first meeting at a formal dinner. “We walked past each other. Spike circled back around and proceeded to give me the third degree. ‘Are you an actress? A model? A singer? Who are you here with? What do you do? Do you have a boyfriend?’” Obviously Spike was very interested in Tonya right from the start!

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Tonya was attracted to Spike’s creative career, which was a sharp contrast to her role as a corporate lawyer when they first met.

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Eventually, the two unleashed their creative sides together, often appearing at events in eclectic, printed attire. How cute!

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These lovebirds have a love of the arts in common. Spike is a talented filmmaker of course, and Tonya is a concert-level pianist, author and TV producer.

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Spike and Tonya were married in 1993. This year marks their 18th wedding anniversary.

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Whenever Spike and Tonya are seen out and about, their close knit bond shines through.

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Tonya glows as she gives her loving husband a warm embrace.

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Tonya and Spike make a stunning pair on the red carpet.

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Even after all these years, Spike and Tonya enjoy hitting the red carpet together. The smiles on their faces tell us they are very much in love.

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Tonya and Spike share a special moment on the red carpet. Their body language always gives the impression that these two truly share a close bond.

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Tonya gives her hubby a kiss on the cheek proving that a little PDA never hurt anybody!

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Their color coordinated attire could be an indication of just how in-sync this happy couple is.

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Spike and Tonya are very much the stylish pair. Tonya loves wearing body-hugging dresses and sky-high heels, while Spike’s laid back style always turns heads.

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Spike and Tonya pose on the red carpet during an HBO premiere. Despite their hectic travel schedule for appearances and events, these two maintain their close connection.

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Spike and Tonya attends the 10th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Celebration in Las Vegas, Nevada. These two are a great example of a long-lasting love!

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No matter what, Spike stays by his lovely wife Tanya Lee’s side.

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It’s clear that Spike and Tanya Lee are so much more than lovers; they’re the best of friends.

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One thing’s for sure, Spike and Tanya Lee, spotted here at a recent gala, are a picture perfect couple.