Black Love: Magic Johnson and Cookie Through the Years

Black Love: Magic Johnson and Cookie Through the Years
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 13, 2011

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Magic and Cookie met at a party in 1977 as college freshmen. “It was so funny because every girl on campus wanted to meet him,” Cookie recalls of their first encounter. “I just thought forget it. There’s no way he’s going to pick me over all these other women.” Boy was she wrong!

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Cookie and Magic stayed by each others side during the early days. “There was a lot of breaking up and getting back together, a lot of ups and downs. We’ve been through everything together,” Cookie has said.

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Magic and Cookie pose together with daughter Elisa and son E.J. at an event in 1997.

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Cookie and Magic seem to always have a smile on their faces. Despite the challenges they faced early on, they hold onto their happiness together.

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The couple is all smiles as they attend a movie premiere together in 1996. They are so in-sync that they almost dressed alike!

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Magic and Cookie are beaming with joy during a ceremony honoring Magic with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Their children Earvin Jr., Elisa and Andre and Magic’s parents Earvin Sr. and Christine came along for the special moment.

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When Magic announced to the world that he was HIV positive, many doubted why Cookie remained committed to their marriage. “I never even thought about leaving,” Cookie has said. “To stay by him was not a hard thing to do.”

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After learning about Magic’s illness, the couple was able to emerge from the situation with a stronger bond. “I don’t know of many women who would have stayed in this situation,” Magic has said reflecting on his resilient wife.

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A strong faith is the foundation of Cookie and Magic’s union. “God and Cookie give me the strength to carry on,” Magic has said.

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Contrary to popular belief, Cookie is taller than many think. Perhaps the 5’8" beauty looks short compared to her 6’9" husband!

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Since leaving the NBA, Magic has started the Magic Johnson Foundation to help raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. Cookie proudly supports her hubby at a foundation event in 2006.

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Cookie and Magic are both savvy entrepreneurs. Cookie’s chic fashion sense led her to start CJ by Cookie Johnson, a premium denim line and Magic owns Magic Johnson Enterprises.

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Magic and Cookie attend a lot of red carpet events together. It takes hard work to balance their busy schedules, but these two make it work beautifully.

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Magic came out to support Cookie during an in-store event for CJ by Cookie Johnson. We love how supportive these two are of one another!

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In honor of Cookie’s 51st birthday, Magic surprised his loving wife with a blow-out birthay party. “He really got me this time,” she said. “I thought we were going to see Frankie Beverly!” Little did she know that Frankie Beverly and Maze, who were performing at the nearby Nokia Theater, would take the stage at her party by night’s end.

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Cookie & Magic embrace for a slow dance at Cookie’s surprise birthday party. Awwwww!

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Cookie and Magic take a romantic getaway to Portofino, Italy last year. The happy couple knows that a balance of work and play is essential.

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Magic and Cookie step out for a romantic dinner for two in Los Angeles.