Black History Month: Ageless Beauties

In honor of Black History Month, we're taking a look at the gorgeous stars of past and present who have somehow defied the sands of time. Now if only they would disclose the location of the Fountain of Youth.

Crystal G. Martin Feb, 01, 2014

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We all know her for her infectious music, flamboyant style, and edgy cropped hair—but Ms. Jones is also completely ageless. That outrageous role in 1992's Boomerang? She was 44-years-old! 

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Vanessa Wiliams

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Pictured here in the 1950s, the Cabin in the Sky actress and civil rights activist maintained a glamorous beauty into her 90s.

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The Somali supermodel became our makeup savior when she founded Iman Cosmetics in 1994. After years of mixing her own shades for modeling jobs, she knew just what black women needed from their foundations, lipsticks and eye colors. Nearly 20 years later, Iman is as lovely as the day she began. .

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Angela is consistently a red carpet goddess with glowing ageless skin and flawless makeup.

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Pictured in this 2012 photo at age 68, the legendary chanteuse is still so gorgeous! We love her daringly voluminous hair and bright lip. 

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The stunning actress hasn't aged a day since we first saw her on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

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Stacey Dash

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Though she's best known for her Academy Award-nominated role as saucy minx Carmen Jones, Dandridge's  look was all gamine. In this 1960 photo, the actress was 38-years-old but looked no more than 20!

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How could we not include the supermodel of all supermodels? Naomi has looked quite the  goddess for over 20 years.

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The legs. The sculpted cheekbones and scarlet red lips. 1980s Tina was all sexiness and swagger and still youthful in her mid-40s!

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Janet Jackson


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