Black Hairstyles: Weaves

Black Hairstyles: Weaves
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 28, 2008

1 of 14 Sean Burrowes

Achieve this coiffed ’fro with the help of a medium-size curling iron and a teasing comb. Twist small sections around the iron and release.

2 of 14 Alex Beauchesne

Layered bangs were enhanced with a track for thickness and color. The stylist used a ceramic flat iron to create a face framing finish.

3 of 14 Eric Fischer

Make sure your roots and your weave mesh seamlessly! Rsession Root Control ($12.99, is a genius new flatiron that allows you to do just that.

4 of 14 Eric Fischer

Give your weave a full brush-through daily in order to prevent tangling and matting. Try using the i|m Nylon Paddle Brush.

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To get the look at home, curl hair with medium-sized curling iron. Apply a dime-sized amount of Redken Rough Paste, and then comb curls halfway through from the root with a wide-tooth comb.

6 of 14 Carlo Dalla Chiesa

Ponytails are instant glamorizers. The difference between the perfect ponytail and a “phony” tail is the texture and the color you select.

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Put a spin on the traditional bob by warming up strands with lighter hues of rich browns. Apply Wella Professionals Color Preserve Seal & Shine Drops to add luster.

8 of 14 Eric Fischer

Good detangling products and an ultra-lightweight finishing spray are essential to maintain a great weave. Try SoftSheen-Carson Weave Care Featherlight Detangler.

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Who says bangs can’t be edgy? Check out this blunt-edge, asymmetrical, sewed-in bang that’s easily shaped with the CHI Ceramic Flat Iron and maintained by wrapping at night.

10 of 14 Eric Fischer

Ellin LaVar’s ScalpRx relieves itching without frizzing roots, and Vigorol Maximum Styling Foam is an instant volumizer that’s actually alcohol-free (ie, it won’t dry out your hair)!

11 of 14 Haitem

To achieve this glam look, clip an asymmetrical bang and pin three large-barrel curls in front of a human-hair ponytail.

12 of 14 Tim Petersen

Achieve this mega-volume ‘fro with a wide-barrel curling iron, and then back-comb throughout using a fine-tooth comb. Finish with L’Oreal Elnett Hair Spray.

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To achieve this sassy bob, add clip-on human extensions, roller-set crown and bangs with medium-size rollers, using KeraCare Setting Lotion. When dry, remove rollers and finger-style.

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A featherweight weave can preserve your hair and minimize maintenance. Use a straw set to create these romantic curls.


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