Black Celebs Livin' It Up on Instagram This Week!

Lance Gross studies his lines, Boris and Nicole get their cute on, Danielle Brooks does some soul searching and more in this week's hottest Instagram pics.

Taylor Lewis Aug, 14, 2015

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Mimi takes Roe to Claire's to get her ears pierced. Stars: They're just like us! 

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The two take a cue from some artwork.

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Tamron pedals through the streets of NYC in style.

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Gross gets ready for his new role on Fox's Sleepy Hollow.

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Michael Strahan can make us laugh AND do hair. Who knew?

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The Simmons sisters are always about their business.

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Chanel cheers on her L.A. Dodgers.

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Eva the Diva and her new Space Chariot are out of this world.

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There's nothing but ziplining on the agenda for Jamie Foxx and his ladies.

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Well that's one way to cover a blemish!

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DeVon and his crew—literally.

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Everyone needs a little time for soul searching.