Black Actors in Spy Thrillers

Black Actors in Spy Dramas
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 21, 2010

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As “Agent J” in “Men in Black” Smith fought against alien invaders decked in a crisp black suit.

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As no-nonsense secret agent Foxxy Cleopatra in “Goldmember” Beyonce was shagadelic ladies man Austin Power’s sexy sidekick.

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Using everything from hair picks to platform shoes, “Undercover Brother,” fought his hardest to stop “The Man” from stopping the spread of Black culture.

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In “Undercovers,” one of fall 2010 season’s most-anticipated dramas, Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw star as a husband-and-wife team lured back into the spy game and manage to keep their marriage spicy. Can you say sexpionage?

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Before Bill Cosby became a TV fixture as Cliff Huxtable he was best known for the TV show “I Spy” (1965). As secret-agent Kelly Robinson, Cosby was the first African-American actor in a lead television role.

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In “I Spy” (2002), Murphy reworked Bill Cosby’s character, Kelly Robinson, into a tough talking boxing champion with a secret agenda.

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Dangerous curves: In “Die Another Day” (2006) Berry sizzled as Giancita “Jinx” Johnson, a secret agent who proves she’s as tough as James Bond.

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She wasn’t your typical spy but in “Jumping Jack Flash” (1986), Teresa Doolittle (Goldberg) was up to the task when she thrust into the spy game by a British intelligence officer.

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As agent “H” in “Unthinkable” (2010), Jackson did anything (even torture prisoners)to get intelligence information.

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As CIA director William Cabot in “The Sum of All Fear” (2002) Freeman is involved in a top-secret wargame against Russia.

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Did he do it? In “Traitors” (2008) Cheadle plays a special-ops Muslim-American sergeant who may or may not have assisted Muslim terrorists.

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Wright plays CIA operative Felix Leiter in “Casino Royale” (2006), a quiet man with a top-secret agenda assisting James Bond.

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Ealy played an agent dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic global event on ABC’s short-lived series, “FlashForward” (2009-2010).

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Forced to work as a double agent in order to defend his honor, Fishburne was deep in trenches of the spying games in “Bad Company” (1995).


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