Bishop T.D. Jakes's Daughter Sarah's Fairy-tale Wedding: The Ceremony

A simple rose holds the platinum symbols of Sarah and Robert's sacred union.
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 28, 2008

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A simple rose holds the platinum symbols of Sarah and Robert’s sacred union.

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Primpin’ ain’t easy, but Sarah makes it look that way as Daddy and Mommy Jakes and the hairstylist help to make sure she’s flawless.

“My father picked out my dress,” said Sarah. “He was on a business trip in New York, and called me and told me he had found a dress. I was so nervous and called my mom. My dad doesn’t know how to work his cell phone that well, but he took a picture of it and sent it to me. When he brought the dress, it fit perfectly. I absolutely love it!”

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Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Kelly Price, left, and Micah Stampley bless the newlyweds with their spirited and soulful rendition of “Our Prayer” by Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams.

“If they could bottle and sell what I witnessed between Sarah and Robert standing in that pulpit today, they would solve 90 percent of the world’s problems,” said Price, who’s been married 16 years to her husband and manager, Jeffrey Rolle. “If they can somehow maintain and go back to this moment, even when it gets rough, they’ll be all right, ‘cause it’s not going to be easy. Anyone who ever lied and said marriage was always fun wasn’t telling the truth. But if you can remember the very thing that brought you together, that very thing will also keep you together.”

“I pray God’s richest blessings on their union and future together,” said Stampley. “That they will grow together and wake up each day with a twinkle of love for each other in their eyes.”

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Sarah and Robert share a tender moment after being pronounced man and wife.

“What I love most about Sarah is her smile,” gushed Robert, a recent graduate and college athlete at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. “I could have a bad day and come home, all my coaches have yelled at me, and I’ve failed tests. And she can simply smile at me and make everything okay.”

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Bishop Noel Jones, left, Jakes and wife Serita congratulate the newlyweds Sarah and Robert Henson.

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The groom’s sister Tiffany Henson, left, Robert and his mom Samantha share a group hug.

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Sarah Henson with her flower girls and ring bearer.

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Newlyweds Robert and Sarah Henson are flanked by their wedding party of seven bridesmaids and groomsmen on the steps inside The Potter’s House in Dallas.

“My blessing for the newlyweds is that they would get all the things that God has for them—nothing more and nothing less,” said maid of honor and big sis Cora. “And that they would have the strength to fight against the attacks of the enemy.”

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Proud parents Jakes, left, his wife Serita, Sarah, Robert and his mother Samantha Henson join together as one family.

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Sarah sits pretty flanked by her beautiful bridesmaids.

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Newlyweds Robert and Sarah Henson take their Just Married-tagged limo to greet family and friends at their reception held at the Jakes’s estate.

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Sarah and Robert Henson enjoy a ride in their horse-drawn carriage.

“I pray that they will remain in love for a lifetime, and build a haven of intimacy and fidelity impenetrable by anyone,” said Jakes. “And if the walls do break and the dam crushes, I pray that they will protect the hearts of their children with dignity. [I pray that] they can offer the wisdom of forgiveness and the ultimate development of growth and maturity, which will produce fruit for the next generation, leaving a legacy of strong people who survive all adversity!”

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Newlyweds Sarah and Robert Henson are all smiles in their limo.

“Where do I start, Sarah is a beautiful person inside and out. I’m not saying that looks are everything, but it was a plus,” said Robert. “However, beyond that, she consistently has my best interest at heart, is always by my side, always has my back, and keeps me focused. Plus, she really gets along well with my family.”

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The Hensons show off their beautiful platinum wedding rings.


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