The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 19, 2008

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NaAja Afie Thomas, an Atlanta woman, lost over 200 pounds in just over two years. Have you been wanting to lose weight all year? Let Thomas show you how to pull it off on your budget.

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Thomas who was once 367 pounds says “It could be 11:30 a.m. or 11:30 p.m.; if I wanted it, I made it: burgers, fries, omelets, a gallon of soda per sitting, ice cream…”

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Thomas replaced her breakfasts and lunches with high-protein French vanilla or strawberry shakes. We suggest you substitute Auntie’s high-calorie egg nog for the same this year. Try making your own shakes at home to cut costs.

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Thomas started her diet plan slowly by cutting back on rice, crackers and bread for three months. The new mom is now a curvy size 12 down from a 32W.

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Thomas tried eating more fruits like bananas, watermelon, papaya and pineapple for snacks. Try snacking on grapes or berries while watching television instead of your usual chips and salsa.

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Why not replace your usual soda for water? Not only is it better for you but it is more cost-effective too.

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“My kids know it’s mommy’s exercise time. Sometimes they try to work out with me, which is really funny,” says Thomas. My goal is to reach 140-145 pounds so I’ve been doing more strength training.

Buying DVDs such as Sweating in the Spirit and Totally Cardio Kick also helped Thomas shed her pounds. If she needs to cut a workout short, she tweaks her diet to compensate.

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When Thomas’s doctor denied a request for prescription weight loss pills, she realized her only option would be to exercise and limit her food intake if she wanted to shed pounds.

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