BeyDay in Paradise: Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy Have Fun in Mediterranean Sun

Beyonce's birthday is not just any regular day, so when Bey-day arrives, the celebration has to be as supreme as she. So, what better way to celebrate the singer's bornday than an extended stay in picturesque Capri, Italy? Here's 15 swoon-worthy moments from paradise.

Imani Brammer Sep, 22, 2015

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Beyonce and Jay Z are clearly bringing back their '03 edition of Bonnie and Clyde!

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She strikes the most Instagram-perfect pose! Only the Queen Bey can make a lemon look this pituresque. 

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Jay Z has obviously got his 99 problems solved...

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That moment when you let the wind take command and it captures your essence just right.

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Is it just us or does Beyonce always get the perfect gust of wind in her hair? 

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Who'd deny a smooch from Beyonce?

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That moment when all you have to do is sit like the proper queen you are. Slay Bey, Slaaaay!

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There's nothing more magical than a little girl indulging in nature's beauty.

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Baby Blue is so precious, Mama Bey just can't put the camera down. 

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Does it get any better than Mr. and Mrs. Carter? 

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Jay so serene.

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Nothing better than enjoying life--on a yacht--with a glass of wine in hand.

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Nothing can get in between the cuteness radiating from the Bey-Blue duo!

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With a few flowers in her hair, Beyonce elicits magnificence.

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Who do you know that can make floating in water look so gracefully sensual?