Beverly Johnson: Life In Pictures

Beverly Johnson: Life In Pictures
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 07, 2009

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New York native Beverly Johnson has paved the way for many models including Tyra Banks and Chanel Iman. She graces ESSENCE with her daughter.

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Johnson was the first Black model to grace the covers of mainstream magazines during the seventies.

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Johnson works it for the camera.

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Beverly was the first Black model to appear on the cover of Vogue in 1974.

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Contestants will also have the change to be featured in a magazine spread.

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The beautiful Beverly Johnson graces the 1976 February cover of Cosmopolitan.

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The gifted model gives photographers her best shot.

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In January of 1981, Johnson made headlines again when she appeared on the cover of Vogue for a second time.

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Johnson was amongst the 25 influential African-American women to be honored during Oprah Winfrey’s 2006 Legends Ball.

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At the tender age of 17, Johnson nabbed a modeling gig on the spot after walking in Glamour magazine offices.

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Johnson shares her experience as a Black woman for “Family Affair,” a compilation of short essays from today’s leading Black actors, politicians and power players.

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The supermodel/author has a popular brand of hair products, including wigs, extensions and accessories under the Beverly Johnson Hair Collection.

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The 5-foot, 9-inch-tall beauty has been the face of more than 500 magazine covers.

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Johnson is a celebrity judge on TV Land’s “She’s Got the Look.” Women who are 35 and older compete for a chance to receive a modeling contract.

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The supermodel was also a gifted swimmer.

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“I was shocked when I learned I was the first Black woman to be on the cover of Vogue,” says Johnson. “I was thinking, Why in the world am I the first in 1974?”

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Johnson poses with supermodel Iman for an advertisement.

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Beverly Johnson and her daughter are a vision of beauty.

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Johnson continues to make her mark as a leader in the fashion and beauty with her phenomenal wig collection.

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Johnson shares facetime at CNN’s after a segment to commemorate the 35th anniversary of her Vogue cover.


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