Best of YouTube: How To Tie A Turban Into Different Styles

Think you’ve tied your headscarf every way possible? You’re wrong. These YouTubers show unique ways to tie your favorite turban.

Deena Campbell Aug, 07, 2014

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Get quick tips and lessons on how to wear a headscarf 15 different ways. 

Watch here.

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Princess Linda presents a step-by-step guide to tying the perfect (colorful) turban.

Watch here.

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Who says turbans are for ladies with long hair? Omega Bone gives a lesson on tying a head wrap with short hair or no hair.

Watch here.

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You haven't mastered headwrap tying until you're able to do it in under 2 minutes. Moptop Maven shows you how here.

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Grab your old clothing, linens, or scrap fabric and create a masterpiece otherwise known as a bow head wrap. Iknowlee show you how here.