Best of YouTube: Henna Hair Tutorials

It may sound strange to put henna (otherwise known as a green powder that smells like freshly cut grass) on your hair for several minutes, let alone a few hours, but there’s a method to this madness. Henna is a natural, synthetic-free hair color that’s chock-full of benefits like, conditioning the hair shaft and even loosening your curl pattern. But, how do you apply it? What are the steps to get the proper consistency? And should you mix it with anything? We’re letting our favorite YouTube ladies answer your questions. Take a look!

Deena Campbell Jun, 05, 2014

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‪Watch kimmaytube prep and prepare her hair before dyeing with henna. Did you know that adding salt to indigo helps darken the color? Try it! And, be sure to check out Part 2 for additional info. 

Watch Part 1 here

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Curly Deviants gives a henna hair tutorial using Lush Cosmetics.

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‪Michelle B explains the details of henna dyeing for all types of hair.

Watch here.

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Have you ever wondered what henna looks like on previously dyed hair? I Heart My Hair gives details.

Watch here.