The Best Hair Moments in Entertainment

From movies to music, Black hair always makes a statement. So for Black History Month, we decided to review our favorite hairstyles from some of the most iconic Black entertainers of all time.

Crystal G. Martin Feb, 06, 2014

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The video's energy was frenetic, matching the song's my-memory-of-you-is-driving-me-insane message. Beyoncé's mane, in all its sexy, beautiful, messy glory drove the point home.

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We couldn't get enough of Whitney's ingenue look in "I Want to Dance with Somebody" —the pastel makeup, the dress, and those curls! Her hair set the pace for '80s ringlets around the world: bigger was definitely better.

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Mariah's curls in "Vision of Love" were the envy of every girl in the early '90s.

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This 1954 musical remains a classic, as Carmen (Dorothy Dandridge) and Joe (Harry Belafonte) discover a forbidden love. The starlet's romantic curls were the prototype for 1950s style.

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Legendary entertainer Josephine Baker’s flapper-chic spit curls set the Black hair standard during the Roaring Twenties.

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In the late Eighties, legendary rappers Salt and Pepa (plus their deejay, Spinderella), kick-started the asymmetric hairstyle trend with their short-on-one-side, long-on-the-other styles.

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You weren't truly living in 1993-1994 if you didn't walk into a salon and ask for "Poetic Justice" or "Janet Jackson" braids. They were everything. When the pop icon rocked them to the Grammys the style become one of the most memorable of the decade.

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As a star on “East Side/West Side” in the mid-60’s, Oscar-nominated actress Cicely Tyson was the first Black woman to wear cornrows on TV!

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In the Seventies, Pam Grier made a name for herself not only for her iconic roles in blaxploitation flicks like Foxxy Brown, but also for her super-big, sexy afro.

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What girl doesn't remember watching the VMAs that year, swooning over Aaliyah's pefectly sleek so-black-it's-almost-blue hair? She really seemed to come into her own, mature but still sweet and playful.

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LaBelle had so many wildly original hair moments, it's tough to pick a favorite. But we love how LaBelle's cotton candy hair embodies the big-haired beauty of the '80s.