Best In Beauty - Rihanna: Hair Envy

The Grammy-winning star is famous for her singing, but Rihanna's style has turned her into a fashion icon. The starlet is a hair chameleon. Her fearless approach has taken her from long and sleek to cropped and edgy. She proves shortcuts aren't limited to one look. Check out all of Rihanna's styles and tell us which one you love best.
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 06, 2008

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Rihanna steps onto the scene with a long, full and wavy hairstyle

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In 2007 she worked the red carpet with this extra long, super straight style

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Rihanna emerges with a refreshing jet black short cut, and revamps her image in the process

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Rihanna incorporates bangs and adds a subtle hint of color into this chin length bob

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This trip down the red carpet the bob cut illustrates its versatility, here styled into soft curls

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Rihanna tries out red and blonde highlights, mirroring the glam, bold style of the 1980’s

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Cementing her status as a hair chameleon, Rihanna cuts her hair even shorter, but takes the edge off by adding a little softness

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Always on the cutting edge, Rhianna funks up her current do by shaping the bangs into multi-length spikes

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Rihanna spruces up her short cut with voluminous side-swept curls for a rockin’ appeal.

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Always the inventive pop star, Rihanna puts a fresh twist on the classic bowl cut.

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Call it effortless sophistication. The “Disturbia” singer keeps it simple with a refined, short and sleek hairstyle.

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Rihanna dishes out some rock ’n’ roll at the VMAs, sporting a blue-and-blonde-streaked, curly pompadour.


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