The Best Afro Pick Life Hacks

Afro picks aren't only great for combing natural hair. Try these quick like hacks that incorporate our favorite hair accessory.

Deena Campbell Mar, 23, 2016

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Tired of old hairs stuck in brushes that just wont seem to disappear? Use your afro pick to remove them with ease.

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Instead of using your hand to hold nails in place while hammering small nails, use an afro pick to hold them in place. Hold the base of the pick and align with the area you’d like to hammer. Try it, but be sure to be safe when handling hammers.

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Use an afro pick to dig deep into those hard to reach places.

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Forget a fork; try using an afro pick to pierce potatoes before placing it in the microwave.

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Do you have an empty shelf that needs a bit of pizzazz? Buy a nice afro pick use to decorate bare spaces.


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