Beauty We'd Happily Borrow from the Boys

Be honest, you occasionally steal—err, borrow—a product or two from your fella. No judgement, so do we. So, we're helping you with your next boyfriend grooming excursion by highlighting the products that should definitely end up in your beauty bag—accidentally, of course.

Virginia Lowman Oct, 15, 2015

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The secret to this radical moisturizer is bison grass, which is great for fighting free radicals and stimulating blood circulation. Your guy uses it after shaving and you should, too! Heal and hydrate legs post-shave to firm and revitalize your skin. It's also as a night time moisturizer to lock in hydration while you catch up on Z's. 

$30, available at

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Just finished waxing? If your skin is a little irritated, sneak over to your guy's medicine cabinet and reach for this cooling gel. A little goes a long way to calm redness and irritation. It's also chock-full-of skin loving ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, aloe vera  and—a chilhood favorite—witch hazel.

$50, available at

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Stayed up a little too late last night and your face is paying the price? We all love a good bag—or two— but they have no place under our eyes. Fight the late-night flush with this gentle, but potent eye cream that's sure to brighten up your tired peepers and make you look well-rested in no time.

$22.50 for .5 oz., available at 

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We wouldn't recommend dousing yourself in your man's Old Spice body wash— it's a timeless scent that distinctly masculine, but this Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte is to die for! Citrusy and fresh with some woody notes, use a dime-size amount and lather up! You can also use it in your hair, but we recommend that you leave that to the boys.

$42, available at

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Slough off dead skin with this super green body scrub with a mild, green scent. Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub is super hydrating, and formulted to soften areas like elbows and knees. Use twice a week for soft supple skin.

$35, available at

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Once you go Harry's, you don't go back. Kiss your drugstore razor goodbye and join the winning team. The secret to your guy's super soft, super close shave is his razor; and your legs and underarms want in! Harry's razors are affordable luxe with a weighted handle and super sharp blades that contour to the slope of your skin to allow for the best shave of your life. Because you'll fall in love with it, you should probably consider signing your man up for the Shave Club so you can get the perks of membership too!

$10, available at

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There's something sexy about women who have the confidence to sport men's cologne. If you're feeling daring and want to try something new, ditch your floral fragrance and try something a more masculine eau. One spray of Tom Ford Noir on your inner wrists, rubbed behind your ears and in the creases of your elbow goes a long way. Bask in the deep note of black pepper oil, violet flower and bergamot. Warning: it may drive your guy wild—in a good way. Just don't over do it. One spray is enough.

$95 for 1.7 o.z, available at

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Don't have body oil handy? The same stuff that gives his beard its glorious, healthy sheen can maximize the wow factor for your skin. Plus, your arms and legs will have that Naomi Campbell meets Tina Turner glow. We love this Tom Ford Conditioning Beard Oil.

$50, available at


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