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Beauty Products
ESSENCE.COM May, 09, 2011

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Coat hair with this lightweight shine serum to get glossy strands that still have body. $13;

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Recreate spring’s boho-tousled braids and waves with this bodifying spray. $18.95;

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This one-step body booster blocks UV rays and humidity without sacrificing on hold and volume.

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Create loose (crimp-free!) curls or tousled waves with this easy-to-use ceramic styling wand. $75;

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Don’t let the wild animal-print design fool you, this paddle brush is gentle enough to detangle the toughest of wind- and water-swept knots. $5.79;

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Wash away summer sweat and grime with this vegan color-protecting shampoo that’s also rich in organic tea tree oil and witch hazel. $26;

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Use these foam curlers to add movement and texture to your hair. Your fellow cubicle dwellers will be confused by your mid-week vacation style. $10.99;

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Unlike other dry shampoos, this finely-misted spray absorbs sebum without leaving any tell-tale white residue on roots. We also love the fresh, floral smell. $24;

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Just like exfoliating your face, this fine scrub is designed to gently buff away coarse hair cuticles, leaving softer, shinier strands. $19;

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Prevent extra heat damage daily (whether or not you’re using hot tools) with this avocado- and soy bean-oil conditioning spray. $11.99;

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Get silky, smooth strands with this frizz-taming styling cream. The silicone-free formula means it smooths strands without weighing then down. $9.99;

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Mattify greasy scalps with this Ph-balancing blend of argan oil and conditioning botanicals.

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Instead of investing in a trendy piece of jewelry, splurge on one of these ornate crystal- and bronze-metal barrette for special occasions. $225 each;

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This bi-phase color-protecting spray needs to be shaken before application to mix light-reflective particles with the moisturizing formula. $37;

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Enhance your curls with this light foam. We like to put it on beachy, wet hair to define waves. $5;

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Use this budget-friendly deep conditioner once a week to save money on trims and touch-up color appointments. $5.99;

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These gentle products double-duty as barriers to UV rays and muggy environments. $24 each;

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Designed to mimic the action of scrunching curls, this blow-dryer attachment is essential for anyone who wears their hair curly in the summer.

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Packed with polymers and proteins, this spray conditioner should be sprtized on strands before hitting the beach or pool.

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Formulated for single-processed hair, this foam conditioner coats strands for allover shine and color-protection.

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Created with the same type of resin used to make designer sunglasses, this durable, decorative comb won’t snag split ends because of its cutout design.

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Create supermodel-esque tousled waves with this silica- and meadowfoam seed oil-infused light cream. $26;

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The sister product to Aveda’s cult-fave Be Curly gel, this wheat protein and babassu oil serum should be applied first to wet hair to enhance curls and reduce frizz. $24;

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Organic bamboo- and maca root-extracts help build volume from the inside out in this eco-friendly hair volumizer. $23;

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Prevent discoloration from chlorine and mineral-heavy water by washing hair with this clarifying shampoo at least once a week. $19;


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