Beauty Beat: Fourth of July Travel Essentials

Beauty Beat: Fourth of July Travel Essentials
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 29, 2012

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After a long day at the pool, refresh and rejuvenate chlorine-soaked strands with red, white and blue treats from Organix. The Pomegranate Green Tea targets dry, brittle hair while the Coconut Milk line deeply conditions and hydrates. The Moroccan Argan Oil collection is rich in vitamins and increases hair’s elasticity.

$5.94 each, available at

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These pre-soaked, non-irritating pads are perfect for swiping away dirt and grime after spending all day at the beach or in the backyard.

$4.99, available at

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This travel-sized SPF cream is a favorite among brown girls because it doesn’t leave an oily film. Use on the body and face to block the sun’s rays while enjoying July 4th fun.

$11.99, available at

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Dermalogica combined all of its best-selling items into this handy set that delivers all-over brightening and moisture balance. This kit contains the Essential Cleansing Solution, Multi-Active Toner, Skin Smoothing Cream, Gentle Cream Exfoliant and Intensive Eye Repair.

$35, available at Dermalogica.

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Most perfumes come in heavy glass bottles that are not portable. The Travalo is a refillable, travel-sized container that is easy to fill with your favorite perfume from a full-sized bottle.

$9.99-$21.99 depending on size, available at Travalo.

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While traveling and spending time in the hot sun, skin can experience breakouts and dehydration. With this Mini Stoplight Mask Trio, skin can receive an instant fix-up, anytime, anywhere.

$16, available at Juara Skincare

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If you’ll be sporting short shorts or teeny-weeny bikini’s this holiday weekend, banish stubble with this smooth-as-silk razor that lathers and moisturizes during shaving.

$11.99, available at Ulta

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Don’t let a pimple steal your thunder while on vacation. Pack this mini tube of potent blemish fighter which contains salicylic acid to fight breakouts fast.

$18, available at Sephora

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If you need a daytime moisturizer that comes in a TSA-approved container of 3 oz. or less, this Lumene cream is your best bet. At only 1.7 oz., it fits in your carry-on and will make your skin feel fabulous, too.

$19.99, available at

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If you really feel like getting into the holiday spirit, this red, white and blue lipstick will give your cookout guests a beautiful surprise.

Free with a $40 purchase, available at The Lip Bar

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There’s little time for fussing around trying to find your mascara while on vacation. With the Lay-N-Go Cosmetic Bag, you can loosen the drawstring and lay your the bag flat for fast makeup finding.

$29.95, available at Lay-N-Go

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Vbeauté’s It Kit is a hassle-free beauty system created for keeping skin fresh while on-the-go. The kit contains Undercover Agent, Rub Off, Evidence Eraser, Buying Time and Eye Never, and all are less than 3 oz. each.

$165, available at vbeauté

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If you battle blemishes from time to time, keeping one of Proactiv’s Mini Maintenance Kits nearby is a great way to zap zits fast during your vacation. This handy pouch contains the 3-Step System-Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Treatment.
$20, available at TEXT

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