Barbie: So In Style

Barbie: So In Style
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 07, 2009

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Check out the Afrocentric beauties Trichelle and Janessa dolls.

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Little Kianna is So in hipster Style with pink suspenders and blue boots.

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Little Janessa is ready for autumn in knee-high socks and a yellow sweater.

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Grace and Courtney dolls are ready to cheer on their favorite team.

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Musical dolls. Kara plays the flute and her side kick Kiana plays the violin.

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Barbie So In Style presents the Courtney Doll. We like her cute yellow backpack.

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Barbie has named her Trichelle, but you can call her Trish the stylish. What do you think about the gold chain?

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Kara will turn you from dud to diva when you sit in her blue and pink chair.

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Grace crafts up-dos with style in her pink booties.


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