Back to School: Dress Like Jaden Smith

If only grown men could dress this well. Jaden Smith’s rock star style is always pulled together. Anything preppy is mixed with a hard edge. From his endless sneakers and skinny jeans to his studded vests and jackets, the 12-year-old’s look is always on fire. Want to dress your young guy like Jaden? Here’s our guide to owning his style.
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 19, 2010

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Jaden rocks his signature jeans and sneakers with a preppy vest and tie. The combo dresses him up, but still keeps him comfortable.

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Recreate his uber cool style with a white vest, red button-down and chambray tie. Just like Jaden, pair it with skinny jeans and white high-tops.

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Jaden’s not afraid to throw in a bow tie on a special occasion. Pair it with a vest, button-down, skinny jeans and boots.

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Rock star style runs in the family. Jaden poses his always fashionable sister Willow while promoting the Karate Kid.

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Copy Jaden’s look with a motorcycle jacket, shiny black high-tops, white button-down and skinny jeans.

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We imagine Jaden getting a little more casual away from the camera. These cargo pants with an added wallet chain, long-sleeved tee, vest and sneakers are still incredibly chic.

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Everyone needs a go-to look. Jaden’s made the right choice with skinny jeans and sneakers.

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Make Jaden’s uniform yours — acid washed skinny jeans, black tee and high-top sneakers. The combo is perfect for looking cool at school.

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Jaden doesn’t shy away from embellishment. Try a graphic tee, jeans, motorcycle jacket and red sneakers. We’re sure this would be Jaden approved.

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Jaden puts his own spin on the varsity jacket. We love the studs. It’s the perfect amount of edge.

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Take Jaden’s look off the red carpet to work for everyday. Wear a tee with gray jeans and pair it with this reversible jacket and sneakers.

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Jaden would look super stylish in this plaid shirt, skinny jeans and sneakers.

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