Baby on Board: Inside La'Myia Good and Eric Bellinger's Baby Shower

Newlyweds La'Myia Good and Eric Bellinger share their sweet and sexy maternity photos and give us an inside look at their baby shower hosted by famous little sis, Meagan Good.

Jolie A. Doggett Jan, 30, 2015

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"We met 13 years ago, we were both doing music and La’Mayia was in a female R&B singing group and I was in a male R&B group—we were managed by the same manager as well so we were just always around each other," Hubby Eric Bellinger remembers

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La'Myia's superhero-themed baby shower took place at her younger sister Meagan Good's house.

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A super cake to match the superhero-themed celebration for La'Myia and Eric.

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La'Myia's little sister, Meagan Good, hosted the baby shower bash.

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Family First. La'Myia shares some marriage advice from Meagan. "She tells me, ‘This is your family now, you have to put them first.’ When you have a family of your own you have to put them first."

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It all started with a bowl of cereal. "He called me one night and asked what I was doing. I told him I was preparing cereal. Our first date ended up being a cereal date because that’s my favorite food. So the coolest thing was that our first date was a cereal date; I came over and this guy had a whole set-up of just cereal. It was classic," La'Myia remembers.

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"Why can’t I be sexy in my maternity photos?" La'Myia Good told ESSENCE. "I feel sexy and I feel good about my body; what’s the shame in sharing? I feel good about myself."

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La’Myia and Eric are expectign their bundle of joy in March.