Athletic Wear: Trendy Triangles

Stylish athletic clothing is just the performance booster your work-out needs!

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Whether under your attire or on their own, this pair of compression shorts allows for unrestricted movement. 

SHORTS, Nike, $25,

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Combined flexibility and a low-profile outsole provides the ultimate light-weight support ideal for running daily.  

TENNIS SHOES, Nike, $100,

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Tackle two necessities with this pair of mesh shorts with a built in compression liner.  

SHORTS, Target, $16.99,

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Incorporate performance essentials in your work-out bag that will give you free range of motion while keeping your athletic routine right on track. 

LEGGINGS, Reebok, $45,

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Dash away from fabrics that do not include moisture control.  This light-weight bra features the ideal dual layer construction for the perfect fit and support.

SPORTS BRA, Nike, $42,

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Athletic Triangles, include this non-restrictive running hoodie into your early morning routine for ease and comfort.

HOODIE, Nike, $35,

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This tennis frock offers performance material for your intense workouts ahead.  

DRESS, Lacoste, $100.

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Take your mind off the work-out in this pair of cross train fashionable light-weight tennis shoes. 

TENNIS SHOES, Nike, $95,

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Stay polished yet motivated in this lightweight active wear sports bra.

SPORTS BRA, J Crew, $55,

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Fashionable and functional?  Trendy Triangles, this pair of compression shorts is right up your lane.

SHORTS, Nike, $45,


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