Athletic Wear: Curvy Cones

Refresh your wardrobe and curves with the latest athletic wear!

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Athletic Cones, the best sports bra should enable you to continue your active lifestyle with both comfort and control. 

SPORTS BRA, C9 by Champion, S12.74,

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In the need for a quick work-out?  Include into your routine this pair of lightweight cross fit tennis shoes!

TENNIS SHOES, Rebox, S114,

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Incorporate this racquet dress into your tennis routine and be ready to shed off the pounds in style.   

DRESS, Nike, $90,

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Don’t let a panty-line ruin your perfect pair of shorts or leggings.  Eliminate the problem in a pair of pure stretch UA compression panties. 

CHEEKY, Under Armour, $12,

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Tackling yoga, kick-boxing or intense cardio?  This UA sports bra will have you in and out of the gym in no time.  

SPORTS BRA, Under Armour, $25,

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Hitting the gym in style is not just a wish any more.  Tackle your toughest work-out in this fun, aesthetic print tank top.   

TANK TOP, Nike, $29.99,

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Curvy Cones, it’s important to include a supportive sports bra with an adjustable band and ample cup space into your work-out routine. 

SPORTS BRA,  Under Armour, S57,

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Tackle biking and running in these sporty yet fashionable compression bike shorts. 

BIKE SHORTS, C9 by Champion, S16.99,

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Tackle running in this light-weight, long-sleeve top.  Not to worry, the lustourous fabric wicks away sweat instanlty.

TOP, Athleta, 34.99,

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Ortholite lining and technology creates for an extremely comfortable and light shoe. 

TENNIS SHOES, Lacoste, $105,