Ask the Experts: Winter-Proof Your Hair

Ask the Experts: Winter Proof Your Hair
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 19, 2011

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“These are great! Any vitamin with biotin really helps to strengthen the hair and helps overall hair health,” says Gibson.

$25, available at Sephora.

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“This is the perfect lotion to apply to hair before heat styling, whether you roller set, flat iron or use a curling iron. It adds lots of lightweight shine and is a great alternative to using a gel because it doesn’t have any alcohol,” Gibson reveals.

$20, available at

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“The Hair Sheets contain vitamins A, D and E and manage static. If you’re traveling or if you’re going from one meeting to the next, it’s perfect for quick replenishment,” says Gibson of the lavender-scented sheets.

$25, available at

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“The mint in this shampoo and conditioner helps rid hair of excess oil while the tingling factor stimulates hair growth. The rosemary is also extremely moisturizing,” says Gibson.

$21, available at

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“This gives staying power to girls with color in their hair,” says Gibson. “Especially post-relaxer when the hair cuticle is open a little bit, it will add a shine and even more color.”

$25, available at

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Stay away from stiff and sticky hair in the winter. “Not everyone is looking for that hair that doesn’t move,” says Gibson. “You want movement.”

$15, available at Ulta.

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Gibson recommends these deep conditioning, pre-measured restorative capsules.

$41, available at

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“I’ll put clients under the dryer with this for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it out. It really helps to moisturize the hair,” says Gibson.

Available for use in professional salons.

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“This is great to nourish your ends,” says Gibson. “It contains silicone and is perfect for styling or a touch up.”

$23, available at Target.

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Maintain moisture by cutting back on how often you color, says Gibson. “These both help to keep your hair color as true as the day you stepped out of the salon.”

$20, available at


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