Ask the Experts: Spring Hair Trends

Spring is finally here! To celebrate the pending warmer weather, we caught up with celebrity hairstylist Karim Odoms to give us the scoop on what's really hot. 

Deena Campbell Mar, 25, 2014

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Golden tones are a girl's best friend. "It looks beautiful with natural dewy bronzed skin," says hairstylist Karim Odoms, who has created stellar looks for Tia Mowry, Tika Sumpter, and Queen Latifah. "It's also a popular hair color transformation that softens and sweetens any look."

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"A beautiful blowout or silky flat-ironed hair exudes shine and movement," says Odoms. "It's clean, with less volume at top, but still has a sophisticated attitude. A centered part or hair tucked behind the ear is how it should be done."

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The low ponytail is sure to be a hit this season because it's hassle free and works from day to night. "Spice it up with a hair accessory, or take a piece of hair and wrap twist or braid it around the ponytail for a detailed statement," says Odoms. 

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Malinda Williams' classic pixie crop is soft with lots of texture. "Rub your fingers through it to give it a messy and choppy feel," says Odoms. 

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Large braids are a great style for any warm weather season. "Braids are the perfect way to give your hair a break from the heat, constant styling, or when you have exhausted yourself out of ideas," says Odoms. "Not to mention it's a great way to let your hair grow while applying coconut oil on the roots from time to time."

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"Big hair makes a statement and says a lot about a woman's attitude," says Odoms. 

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"The bob is a powerful haircut that screams sexy chic and rebel while complimenting a woman's beautiful bone structure," says Odoms. "You can approach this style with clean blunt lines (graduated with layers), a deep side part, or thick heavy bangs."

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Nothing shines brighter than a natural beauty. "Natural hair is at an all time high right now, not only because women are finding harsh chemicals unnecessary, but there's a freeing and versatile feeling that a woman can achieve," says Odoms. 

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To get the "I woke up like this" look, Odoms suggests braiding damp hair at night. In the morning, finger comb your hair, and a dab of Oribe Gold Lust Oil, and then blend in your edges.