Ask the Experts: Six Secrets to Kissable Lips

Ask the Experts: Six Secrets to Kissable Lips
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 30, 2012

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As we gear up for Valentine’s Day, now’s the perfect time to get your pucker in check! Flaky, dry lips are often the result of a lack of moisture. In order for moisture to penetrate your lips, it’s imperative that you first exfoliate dead skin.

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This set contains the a lip mask to help buff away dry skin and a silky lip balm that locks in moisture.

$18, available at Mary Kay.

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“If you’ve ever seen that white line in the corner of your lips, that’s a clear sign it’s time to exfoliate,” says Butler. Not only will exfoliating get rid of that nagging white residue, but it will also help your lipsticks glide on more smoothly and last longer.

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This all-in-one kit contains a foaming lip cleanser, sugar lip scrub, instant lip plumper and moisturizing softening lip balm. It’s like a total spa for your lips!

$45, available at Bliss.

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“If you don’t want to purchase a separate scrub for just your lips, it’s totally fine to use a face exfoliant,” says Butler. “Just be careful not to scrub too hard or try to find a scrub that has fine grains.”

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This mask and scrub offers deep moisture as it gently clears away dead skin cells. The grains are fine enough to use on both the face and lips.

$10, available at Aubrey Organics.

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Although petroleum jelly is generally regarded as a staple for lips, Butler suggests using a natural oil based moisturizer instead. She recommends shea or cocoa butter based products.

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This yummy conditioning balm is loaded with cocoa butter and sweet almond oil to seal in moisture.

$7, available at Carol’s Daughter.

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Exfoliating your lips should be done once a week to maintain a soft, kissable surface. Scrubbing more than this could actually lead to more dryness.

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This gentle scrub contains micro-sugar crystals to get rid of flaky cells and impurities and raspberry seed oil to softens and soothe.

$28, available at Clarins.

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Lips do not have sebaceous glands like the rest of our body, thus, they do not produce natural body oil. This is one reason why it’s super important to seal in moisture after you exfoliate.

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This soothing lip saver contains menthol and camphor, which sink right in to soothe and comfort dry lips.

$12.50, available at Origins.

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