Ask the Experts: Sam Fine on Oscars' Prettiest Looks

The most glamorous night of the year, the Oscars, is officially over--and we can honestly say that the stars were at their most beautiful. From Academy Award winnner (yay!) Mo'Nique to mom-to-be Paula Patton, we got celeb makeup artist Sam Fine to give us tips on how to score each winning look at home.
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 08, 2010

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“Zoe Saldana’s smoky liner made her look really sexy and alluring,” says celeb makeup artist Sam Fine, who gave us his expert insight into Oscar night’s boldest beauties. “Smoky liner is very different than a smoky eye. A smoky liner lives close to the lash line, but a smoky eye is where the shadow is blended past the crease and into the brow bone.”

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“Mo’Nique’s message here is about contour, not color,” says Fine. “She’s wearing a blue gown, but didn’t choose to wear blue eye shadow. Tonight was a night she’d look back on forever…she didn’t want to wonder if her beauty choices were wearing her! Hence, the softly bleached brow, neutral smoky eye and nude lip. Beautiful!”

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“Nicole was the fashionista of the night,” says Fine. “She wore tons of liner and a silver/grayish shimmering eye shadow. She’s a fashion and beauty risk-taker, and her look reflects this, right down to the dark nails.”

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“Anika is known for never overdoing it…one feature never competes against the next,” says Fine. “Overall, this was a classic, polished, professional look. It’s simple enough to wear during the day, but you can also work it on the red carpet.”

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“This was the most glam we’ve ever seen Gabby,” says Fine. “She has small eyes, so her makeup artist made the most of them by using false lashes. Liner is important here, especially on the top of eye.”

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“Mariah’s been to thousands of these awards shows and she is very comfortable with being Mariah!” says Sam Fine. “I can’t say that she took any risks, but she looks beautiful. The key to her look is tons of gloss and using individual lashes versus a strip…this gives the lashes a really natural look.”

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“Paula looked so Spring-peachy,” says Fine. “She looks happy, friendly, and like she’s having a great time. Her makeup isn’t too stylized; it’s just really glowing. The blush wakes her up in a really lovely way!”

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“Sherri’s hair is quite retro, as is her makeup,” says Fine. “She had a very stylized brow with a smoky eye on the outer corners. This look really screams ‘starlet.’ The only thing that’s missing is a red mouth!”

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“If you’re teenage daughter’s about to go to the prom, this is how you want to send her out of the house!” says Fine. “Zoe wore a softly groomed brow, dewy foundation and nude lip. There was nothing about her look that screamed ‘makeup.’ She’s just a natural beauty.”

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“One of my favorite looks of the night!” raves Fine. “Smoky eyes look so naturally beautiful on her. She paired her smoky eye with a softly blushed cheek and a really rich suede, pinkish mouth. She used bronzer instead of blush to give her skin and shoulders warmth. Definitely the show-stopper of the night.”