Ask the Experts: Rocking 'Cat Eye' Liquid Liner

There are a few "sure thing" makeup tricks that make everyone look instantly ravishing: False lashes are one. Red lipstick is another. But for our money, the most reliably sexy beauty trick is "cat eye" liquid eyeliner--ie, a thick line traced along the top lashline, winged out at the outer corners. It instantly opens up the eye--no matter the shape or size--and gives your face a glamorous, Audrey Hepburn chic-ness. The only problem? Applying liquid liner can seem like a daunting task if you've never tried it. Here, we asked celebrity makeup artist Nalo Jones to give us tips on how to create a perfect 'cat eye' liquid liner look.
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 01, 2010

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Here, we asked celebrity makeup artist Nalo Jones to give us tips on how to create a perfect ‘cat eye’ liquid liner look.

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According to Jones, liquid liners are easier to use than brushes (too loosey-goosey and hard to control) and make for a steadier line. “I love Lancome Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner ($29),” she says.

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Eva Marcille’s winged eyeliner completes her retro Sixties vibe.

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For a flawless ‘cat eye’ like Zoe Kravitz’s, Jones suggest first lightly applying a pencil liner to create a traceable line. “Then, trace on your liquid liner,” she says.

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To create a seamless line like Jessica White’s, Jones recommends taking it step by step. “Don’t draw the whole line at once. Apply it in small sections, so your hand doesn’t get tired and wobbly.”

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According to Jones, “it’s fun to experiment with color, not just black. Blues are gorgeous.” Try Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Strut ($19,, a denim blue.

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Gabrielle Union bats her lashes, flaunting her seriously glamorous, perfectly applied liquid liner.

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To create the “wing” at the outer corners, Jones places “a dot on the outer corner. From the dot, I draw a line toward the lash line, and I just keep building on that line.”

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Solange pairs her ’90s-inspired braids with an uber-dramatic swoop of jet black liquid liner.

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On a budget? Try Maybelline Line Works Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($5.99,—it creates a bold, thick line that lasts till the wee hours. Perfect for party girls!

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Paired with fire engine red lips and a swirly pompadour, Ciara’s dramatic, Maria Callas-inspired liquid liner gives her a high-glam, super-sophisticated look.

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To create Alicia Key’s uber-glam, heavy-lidded look, Jones recommends applying a thick line of liquid liner, and then attaching a row of long, curled faux lashes.

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Jennifer Hudson punctuated her Oscars look with a princessy sweep of liquid liner on the top lid. Paired with subtle faux lashes and pale eyeshadow, her red carpet look was positively radiant!

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Nicole Richie is arguably the “cat eye” queen of Hollywood! She’s mastered the winged eyeliner moment—and it always looks perfect, whether she’s shopping on Robertson or hitting the red carpet.